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Baby E really likes the idea of the tv. Something about the bright lights I guess. If it’s on, she’s trying to see it. And, I’m not having that. Babies shouldn’t watch TV. And, we try to not the the girls veg out too much in front of the television, but they do get to watch it.

Here inlies the problem. Our one tv (we have another but our cable is terrible and we can’t have it and the modem hooked up) is in the living room where we hang out. And, if E is awake, the tv needs to be off. 

So, the 3M Projector has helped with that problem. I previously had some movies on an old iPhone that the girls could watch, but they constantly fought over it because they were blocking the view from their sister.

Now, however, I just hook the cable that came with the projector up to the iPhone (also works on iPad and iPod, neither of which we have to test it out on), select the video, the phone goes into the right mode and it starts to come out of the projector. (You can see how small it is here, it’s resting on the pink iPhone3G).

3M mobile projector review

Yes, these crazy girls were watching Looney Tunes. Quality programing. The picture was nice and crisp and the volume from the projector’s speakers was loud enough for them to hear.

3M mobile projector review

It has an internal rechargeable battery (we tested it, and it’s right at about 2 hours) as well as a AC adapter/charger. The nice thing is you can use it right away plugged in. No waiting 24 hours for the battery to charge before you can use it. The girls enjoyed having a little “big screen” at home moment and referred to it as “watching a movie on the wall!”

3M mobile projector review

We also had E’s baptism this weekend and we wanted to share the video with family in town. We decided to try it on the ceiling so more people could see it (the other room is small, and this particular room doesn’t have a good wall for it…just those windows). It’s hard to capture it, but it was pretty cool to see it there, and worked well even on our popcorn ceiling.

3M mobile projector review

DSC 0227

3M mobile projector review

I wish it came with other output cords in the box. I would have liked to test it out with our computer to watch old videos that we had previously recorded, or to use it on DVDs that we currently own. Also, it only works on the video files and the slideshow option. You can’t use it to play games on the iPhone or use other apps.

It has a little tiny plastic clip to prop it up. However, this never made it high enough, or we didn’t have a high enough surface. So, I found myself propping it up with books, boxes and other toys to get it to the right height on the wall. Other surfaces would have been higher, but they were too far away.

If I was using this outside for a drive in movie, which would be really awesome, it’s just too hot here now, I would consider buying some external speakers to plug into the projector (in the same place you could use headphones).

It is a great little projector for smaller audiences and just a fun thing to have around.

You can find the 3M Mobile Projectors on Facebook and Twitter.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of 3M and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. 

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  1. Now that’s a great way to watch a movie. I always thought you had to have the boards but a wall will do just find I may do this for my sons birthday next year and do a camp in our backyard.

    1. Oh, yeah..the wall, the ceiling, if it was cooler outside, even the side of your house or a fence would work!

  2. grandma Pat says:

    It was pretty cool watching movies on the wall. The girls really enjoyed it.

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