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I’m sure this happens to other people, too. 5:00 rolls around and you realize you haven’t thought about dinner…and everything is frozen or needs serious attention. You don’t have time, have soccer to run to or gymnastics, but everybody is hungry.

Enter Zoës Fresh Take Tubs.

zoes kitchen

You can stop in on your way home and grab a fresh tub of Hummus, Seasonal Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Chicken Salad or Marinated Slaw. You can either use these for a meal, or use them to  to help build a wholesome meal for your family.

zoes kitchen

We are minimalists when we can be at meal time, so most of these were perfect as is! The chicken salad was great on crackers. My 5 year old now asks that I make it just like Zoes. Apparently, theirs is better! The pasta salad was great, too, both hot and cold. And, fresh fruit? I don’t mess with that. All natural, just the way it is. The hummus was great on pita chips and with carrots. The potato salad? That was the least favorite here. It was very oniony.

One thing I did jazz up was the marinated slaw. It was great by itself (except the green onions, but I’m picky) with a very mild marinade and surprisingly, feta cheese, but I had some fish, so we ate the slaw with fish tacos

zoes kitchen

and brisket tacos…because we are crazy like that!

zoes kitchen

It was nice that dinner was a lot easier to prepare and the girls found the tubs fun and something different then what I would normally serve.

zoes kitchen

There isn’t a Zoes close to us, but if we are on that side of town, I can see us picking up a tub or two again to make dinner time a little easier.

*Samples provided to facilitate the review. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Interesting never heard of them and I think this is a great help especially for busy moms of course their would be none near me but I will pass along the info for my friends that live in that area.

  2. The meal starter that sounds best to me is the chicken salad. I love zoe’s food, so I would be happy with any of the tubs…I puffy red heart their potato salad!

  3. mrs. hils says:

    All free food sounds delicious to me!

  4. The marinated slaw sounds terrific, as does the hummus. We have a Zoe’s Kitchen about thirty minutes from our house!

  5. I love brisket and I would love the brisket tacos! (FB name Danielle)

  6. The potato salad sounds good. It would be perfect for a side with some meat off the grill. Thanks for the giveaway.

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