I’ll bring the pie


We’re headed to a friends’ house for Thanksgiving. They are doing the dinner, so I said I’d bring the pies.

Originally, it was just a pecan pie. But, dear Mr. Serious wants pumpkin, too. Of course, after a trip to the grocery store for all of the ingredients.

I’ve never done pumpkin pie, so I pull out my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook and find the recipe. I have to get some spices and the pumpkin, but I see that it calls for evaporated milk.

I think to myself…I’m pretty sure I just saw a can of evaporated milk in the cabinet.

I go and look and I find it. Woo hoo! One less thing to buy.

Then, I look for the expiration date. July 31, 2006!!!!!

How has this been around this long? And, even more troubling…we’ve moved twice in that time. What does that say about me.

Don’t worry. I threw the can out, and added it to my list.

I’ll be bringing the pie with the freshest ingredients!!

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  1. Oh I’ve done that before. I am in charge of the pumpkin pies every year to take to my MIL’s.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So funny! I made cupcakes not too long ago with expired Crisco (who knew that stuff expired!?). Holy rancid cupcakes! So terrible! Haha!

  3. Oh some of the expired things I have found in our pantry. One can made it through the move with us and it was back from when we started dating 1999! Yep that can of beans went in the garbage.

  4. Too funny! At least you checked the exp date, though 🙂

  5. I hate to think of what i will find in my cupboards. thanks for the cheer about my finals. i am off for a couple of days. got to focus, no blog distractions. well, maybe i will check in. anywho, thank you.

  6. Oh that is too funny!! Atleast you checked now and didnt realize it when you were mixing it all up!!
    Hope the pies turn out yummy!!

  7. Oh, I have done that before! I’m sure the pies will be delicious. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

  8. 2006?! Oh dear! I’m glad you threw it out and didn’t serve the guests outdated pie. Too funny though! I hope it comes out wonderfully delicious! 🙂

  9. Thank goodness you checked it!! I am making a pumpkin cheesecake for Brian’s Parents Thanksgiving… but I have a mix… so thats a lot easier then making it from scratch!!

  10. O my I am so laughing because I just had the biggest HISSY FIT at my MOMS because of all the stuff I had to throw away that had expired. LOL LOL Two bags worth of stuff from her pantry. LOL LOL Then to top it all off I was in my pantry yesterday and found a can of broth that expired in 2007…that is what I get for the hissy fit I threw with my parents about not cleaning out their pantry….KARMA HUH…LOL

    I love love that you posted about this…toooo funny!

  11. Haha, my parents just threw out a can of mango that they bought over twenty years ago (three moves later). So don’t feel too bad 🙂

  12. You’ll do wonderfully! I know you will!


    Happy Thanksgiving (early)!

  13. hehehe been there, done that! I found oatmeal that had expired in 06 . . . and yes we had moved . . . so sad! hehehe

  14. Hilarious, but I've got you beat. My sister in law was making a PB & J for lunch over here one day and she pulled out the PB and said, WHOA! She then proceeded to show me the 2004 expiration date. YIKES!

  15. Hahaha! Well, you had good intentions I’m sure. 😉

  16. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I find that kinda stuff all the time! S’okay!

  17. That is so funny-I do the same thing! I have no idea how it happens 🙂 Have fun making the pies 🙂

  18. ew gross. that never happens in my house!!

    ok strike that.

    it happens alot more than i would like to admit!!

    i am sure your pies will be delish!!

  19. Madeline and Max's MOM says:

    I had the same thing happen to me last year! I guess we just pack up when we are leaving and forget to double check when we unpack!
    Happy Pie Baking!

  20. Mrs de Miranda says:

    Seriously when we moved out of our house of 14 years…in our deep freezer were meats that has been in there for SEVEN years. Sick. My Dad said we had to keep them because they had been frozen so they were still good. NEVER, are you crazy? But he did. And he used them. Glad I was in Utah!

    Have a great thanksgiving!!1

  21. Nothing wrong with trying to save a $1.25, right? ; )

    BTW, my favorite pumpkin pie recipe is on the Libby’s can of pumpkin!

  22. Nothing wrong with trying to save a $1.25, right? ; )

    BTW, my favorite pumpkin pie recipe is on the Libby’s can of pumpkin!

  23. Take lots of photos and post the recipes.
    Minus the expired ingredients.
    Love. it!

  24. LOL!!! I thought I was the only one who had food from who knows when lurking in their pantry. Good luck with your pies, I’m making the same ones!

  25. So funny~ I just counted the bananas in the freezer – I had 9. Seriously, how did I do that?!

    I’ll be making a lot of banana bread 🙂

  26. I think it’s the pantry elf. The one who eats stuff mysteriously and puts things in there that expired a looong time ago.

    Totally not your fault,don’t worry. lol

  27. Ok, I’m glad to hear that the ingredients will be fresh since I’m going to be eating the pies! And I’ve already made two grocery store trips for forgotten items…arg!

  28. totally know what you mean…i will get something for a recipe, never make it and it will sit in the pantry forever!

    happy thanksgiving!

  29. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    I find things like that, too. Don’t worry. You are totally normal.

  30. Katie Says So says:

    Too funny! Ive so been there!

  31. Yup, been there before! Good luck with your baking.

  32. I thought the same thing when I looked into my grandmothers cabinets. It was a disaster, everything was expired.

  33. Yum. I think Im going to bake a pumpkin pie tomorrow too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  34. Hilarious…I need to save this link on my favorites. You make me laugh. I didn't use any of my baking stuff until recently. I think had a bag a flour last for 6 years once and moved twice in that timeframe as well. Well…did I use it? Probably some of it..did I admit that>?

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