Built-in Sister Band


Kids come up with some creative things. Especially four year olds. She saw her sister sitting on the floor playing with her toys and thought it wasn’t enough; she needed more.

So, she laid down on the floor, scooted herself over and wedged herself on her sister’s lap. Her sister of course thought it was totally wonderful.

Sister Drumming   Sister Drumming
Then there was a mischievous look and some blurry hands.

Sister Drumming

And the tell-tale grin. Suspicious.

Sister Drumming

She was totally caught drumming on her sister’s back.

Sister Drumming

She even took a break to add some vocals to her music.

Sister Drumming

They never cease to impress me with their silly little antics and creations.

*No big sisters were harmed in the making of this band.

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  1. I love it! My kids love to play with each other instead of playing with toys, and it’s always fun to see the games they come up with. You’re little one is so big already!

    1. I love watching them play together, too! It’s the fighting that kills me!

      And, don’t I know it…she’s huge!

  2. That is so precious! I love when my kids find new ways to play together.

    1. No kidding…they both have it now. N sticks out her tongue when she’s finding trouble!

    1. I think she was letting me know just how much fun she was having!

  3. pat chance says:

    those are great pictures. Love the expressions from E. Hopefully the sisterly love will carry on into their teens.

  4. Haha! That smile. So cute.
    Don’t ya LOVE it when they play nicely together? So good. 🙂

  5. Ha ha! Such a cute post! Man, she is getting big, your baby. Love those smiles!

  6. My four year old son continues to play the bum bongos at every opportunity! Fabulous moments captured! Love that cheeky grin!!

  7. uhm excuse me but where oh where did your baby go??

    who is that big girl??

    ps. gotta love a sister band!

  8. Ha ha ha!!! That is too cute. Sibling bonding moments are so awesome!!!

    1. The bonding is awesome…the bickering? I could do without that!

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