Do they think I have a Daguerreotype?


I thought my children know I have a fast camera.  Typically, they are running, jumping, hiding and being silly very quickly in the hopes that I don’t capture their picture.

This picture? 

It’s like they were frozen in time.  Like they held this pose for seconds while some photo-sensitive silver halide was exposed. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so serious in my life, individually, never mind at the same time.

#1 and #2 stuck in the 1800s.

Also funny?   #1 insisted on wearing the 3T Belle dress, while she put #2 in the 6X one.

(And for the love of Pete…I sure which she would be okay with a pony tail or a headband!  I want to brush her bangs out of her face on my screen.)

My two little Belles, stuck in time.

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  1. Hysterical that Izzy made N wear the huge dress. We are a Cinderella house here 🙂 Karys’ hair is the same way. I finally talked her into letting me clip it back though. Try cute little clips to just pull it back – will she let you?

  2. They are just TOO cute!! LOVE the red hair! Izzy reminds me of Jordan…whatever she says…well, it Goes!

  3. Yes, those Belle’s mean business!! HA! And I LOVE that they ‘traded’ sizes! 😀

  4. Sooo cute. I’m trying to figure out what to do with my girls’ bangs…we have a lot of hair-in-our-faces pics too. Love their dresses and adorable faces!

  5. Hilarious! I love that they both just *had* to wear the other’s size.

    FYI – Yea, un-following you and then re-following worked! So happy!

  6. Guess they decided to pose, cause they were looking so purdy! LOL Too funny about the dress sizes….something my granddaughters would do. And my youngest granddaughter looks like that (with her bangs) most of the time! LMAO

  7. Your girls and their gorgeous red hair! Ah! Even when they don’t pose picture perfect, they are just so dang cute!

  8. Your two Belle’s are just awe-inspiring beauties!

  9. How funny! My youngest has the same hair as your oldest. Her hair has a mind of its own. hee hee

  10. Oh my gosh! That is SO funny!
    Being a princess is serious business I guess. 🙂

  11. It looks like one of the old antique photos where the families all look very serious.

  12. They do look a little serious don’t they? Playing princess is a serious business I guess. They’re finding their inner Belle.

  13. Best picture…even better commentary…just snorted diet coke through my nose.

  14. It’s funny what you said about her hair! 🙂 That is what I do to my daughter! LOL! It’s funny you just want to try and tickle the picture to make it change!

  15. I adore that she made her sister wear the bigger dress.

    Found you through Late Enough.

  16. They are too much! Glad to see they are exploring their “Serious” sides. = )

  17. How precious! They look so serious..thats hilarious!!
    Cant wait to see you guys!!!

  18. i can’t stop giggling! you have to bring this back out when the girls get married!!

  19. I love that they are both in yellow, such a cute pic!

  20. She probably likes feeling that long hair as it makes her feel princess-y!

  21. Sooo super cute! Funny how the older sibling dictates what’s what for the younger one(s)! Sure wish I had a good camera.

    They look so much alike in this picture!

  22. WHat a cute picture. Such somber faces. Can’t wait to see them in a few days

  23. I am the same way about the bang thing – I tried it already on my screen, too. It’s not working. But, with a kid that age, it’s hard to control. I’m sure that if she refuses to have a ponytail, she wins. You can’t even begin to bargain with a young child. It’s insane and I wish I had that kind of control over my parents still – why did I let that go?!

    The ones that really get on my nerves now days are the kids, older kids, that are constantly throwing their head to the side to get the hair out of their face. Like, if it’s going to bother you THAT bad, freakin’ cut it, people.

    (Note to Izzy: I DO NOT recommend that you cut your hair in this case. Talk to momma first.)

  24. LOL! Yeah that dress is swallowing her!

    Umm..can you tell I’m SOOOO behind this week-a little late on making the rounds?

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