I only get good shots by dumb luck


I don’t know how some of you manage to do it.  I can barely get my two kids to look at the camera, or even the same direction at the same time.

Add in a cousin, and forget it.  And, proof?  Last time I tried, only two of the three of them were actually even in the picture!

When the girls’ cousin was here for their birthday party, we tried to get a shot of the three of them at the pumpkin patch.

They weren’t interested. At. All.

One looking at me…one smiling at daddy…and one insisting he needed his hood on.


See, success with the hood?

Now, all three kids looking at me, but man, none of them even look remotely thrilled to be taking a picture.


I guess this is when somebody told them they should throw/drop their pumpkins and do a little celebration.


And, a picture for Grammi of her three grandkids?  Totally failed on that one.

Pointers?  Tips?  Seriously, I want to know how you do it (and, if I would have had some candy, I would have offered it for a smile!)

I’m joining in with my very Wordful Wednesday post.

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  1. I don’t have any tips LOL. My WW post has 2 kids and neither looking either. But I think those are really the best. The whole point is not to get beautiful smiles at the same exact moment – it is to capture their personalities and you did that! One thing you can do to really get some great smiles at the same time (but they won’t all be looking at the same spot) is to think of something fun they can do at the same time – like put a pumpkin on their head or have someone ask one of them (the boy) to make a funny noise. Then your job is to click click click! Take all the pics you can as fast as you can and pray you captured the perfect moment. Timing, it is all in the timing LOL!!

  2. wish i had tips for you..
    been to 2 patches and all pics are of the back of his head
    (didnt see one like the one you are at)
    My WW for you

  3. This is hi-la-ri-ous! I love how they are determined to look everywhere but at the camera! Priceless….you know, it’s even better like that. It really captures the moment.

  4. i think the “out-take” kind are the best kind.

    pictures with all three looking in the right direction? over rated!!

  5. Heh! I know the feeling. My preschooler has started smiling for me, but not every time — and it’s a fake smile. I think being a wildlife or sports photographer would be great training for being a parent. 😉

  6. I still think the photos are pretty good! I have no tips. I tend to have the same problem, that is why most of my pictures I capture are action pics!

  7. The secret, ALWAYS promise a treat even if you don’t have one. The beauty is that kids will do anything for a treat and they have very short memories so you don’t always have to follow through. 😉

  8. If I can I try to avoid asking them to pose and wait for the moment to come naturally, but man it ain’t easy, especially with the older kid who is totally aware of what I’m trying to do and immediately whips out a “fake smile” – you know the one, the one that isn’t really cute at all. haha it ain’t easy, that’s for sure! My advice : take about 100 pictures and hope for 2 that work, that’s what I usually do!

  9. Funny pictures are great to have a laugh about..i think sometimes you get lucky with a good one. i am totally looking into this camera i just saw a commercial for. i guess it takes multiple pics within a 10 second period or something, so maybe a good shot will come out of it! l

    love all the pics above though!

  10. I give up!! When my kids KNOW I want a pic-they decide to act up. I never get a good shot!

  11. I only have 1 kid to get to look at the camera, and I usually fail at that too. Usually she charges the camera to play with it. So I get A LOT of blurry photos of her face.

  12. That candy might have been the answer. Next time, ya gotta be prepared!

  13. Stephanie says:

    These pictures cracked me up and I feel your pain. It’s A LOT of work (and my looking completely ridiculous) to get the kids to both look at me for a picture. Too cute though!

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