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It sure was interesting celebrating the girls’ birthdays at home…just one day apart.  There was a lot of jealously when opening their presents on their special days.

#2 got a baby doll from us.  She was overjoyed and has slept with her every night.  So far, her name is "Yewwoa" (which I’m quite certain is really "Yellow").


#1 got some pink cowboy boots from her great-grandparents.  I think she’s worn them every day since (and it’s a shame they are just her size, or almost too small).


The girls also got some matchy-matchy PJs.  I don’t think they liked them at all. (You can also see a certain some one got a new watch, too…mommy and daddy did good this year!)


We did the girls’ presents at home on their actual birthday’s, then we had a party with some friends and family on Saturday.

Since the bounce house was such a success last year, and was requested again this year, we went for it.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.




Cousins.  Stopping for a fruit break.


The piñata.  We let both girls use a baseball bat.  With a lot of space around the area.





Decorating the cupcakes.  Quite the success I must say.  The sprinkles were a huge hit.




That’s cupcake love right there.


Bouncing with friends.


Spoonful of sprinkles?  Yes, please Grammi.


And, Mr. Serious felt that cupcakes weren’t enough for blowing out candles, so I made a cake for each girl.  "Happy Birthday" has been requested more than once since Saturday.


And, once the party was over, there were a couple party-goers that had tears because they weren’t ready to leave.  Is it bad that we call that a success?

Once the guests left, Grammi got in the bounce house with her three grandkids and they bounced away.


And, that wraps up The Serious Girls’ Birthdays 2010!


I’m joining in with Wordless Wednesday.

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  1. What fun!!! And “Yewwoa”…is just too cute. Love the pinata, the cupcakes and the cakes!!! You made their birthdays so special.

  2. Ha LOVE it!! Your blog gives me a glimpse on what my future will be (nope, not pregnant :(, but hopefully soon!). And nope it’s not bad to call it a success, it’s wonderful! You all are blessed.

  3. Awesome party!! That pinata is HUGE LOL And my daughter wants some pink boots so she can be like Jessie on Toy Story (but weren’t those red? she loves pink)

    Seriously the best party ever if you had a bounce house! AWESOME

  4. Decorating cupcakes seems like a great idea! Unfortunately my son’s birthday is at the end of November and it’s sure to be raining here in Vancouver then. It looks like an outdoor activity for sure.

  5. Looks like a great time! I must admit I’m looking forward to this time next year when we’ll be celebrating a 1st birthday instead of hanging in the hospital. 🙂

    My platelets were 91,000 at the time of my C-section, so I was able to stay awake for the surgery (YAY!); unfortunately, they’ve kinda of nose-dived since then (last check was 66,000), I’m not allowed to take out my IV until they come back up. Annoying, but it happened last time, too. We’re getting there, though. 🙂

  6. It definitely looks like a successful party! I love that grandma was in the bounce house, so cool!

  7. I want to come bounce in the bounce house!!! I love their matching PJ’s too…too cute! Nat’s wearing Gymboree and she looks ADORABLE in it. (Sad I know that, huh?!) They both look cute in whatever they wear thought 🙂

    Love, Mere

  8. Sounds, and looks, like it was a fabulous party! And a bouncy castle! How cool is that??

  9. Looks like a total blast!! LOVE LOVE LOVE those pink cowboy boots!!!

  10. Looks like such a fun birthday! We did decorate your own cupcakes at MM’s last party and they all LOVED it – so much fun!

  11. You’re right, I don’t think they like those jammies at all… you can tell by those huge frowns on those faces. 🙂
    It is definitely a HUGE success on a perfect day for a party.
    I love your photographs, you do a wonderful job.

  12. Yep! Y’all know how to throw a good party! And I love the boots…Melody’s been all about cowboy boots lately, I know she’s going to be excited when she sees that Izzy has some!

  13. WOW the kids had a blast! they seem to have a very wonderful day!!! Happy bday to them??? do they have same bday? 🙂

    I love the bouncing thingy….my kids love those! 😉 your pinata is cool! did you make it on your own? 😉

  14. Sprinkles always make for a great party. As do bouncies and two beautiful girls! Glad it went so well and that they had such a great time. 😀

  15. Happy Birthday to those 2 adorable little girls!!! Great presents…….and loved the party pictures!

    TigerBoy and TigerGirl didn’t get quite as close, just over a week between their special days!

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