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I’ve always been a little nervous with our girls around the water and the pool. I’m certain that they knew this, too. I wanted and needed them to know how to swim, and well, us teaching them wasn’t really working. I reached out, found somebody that would come to our neighborhood, and within the first day, they were swimming! Talk about impressive. Of course, trying to get it on video with a wiggly, wanting to dive-in 16 month old made it a challenge, but I captured it, I think.

The oldest swimming

N swimming

I’m a bit crazy when it comes to all things safety and the girls. I want car seats with the best safety ratings. I try to keep up with any of the recent changes or new rules. I keep them in the safest seat they can ride in as long as possible (darn those tall genes from daddy). And, when I was asked what I “give a cup” about, I immediately thought of them and their safety.

And, pool safety was one for me, too. I wanted them to be safe and more important, feel safe and comfortable in the water. Of course, I’m still a super nervous nelly, but now that I know they can swim and get themselves to the edge and out of the pool from water over their heads, I feel a little more confident with them in the pool. 

Of course, now it has rained almost every day for the month following them learning their new skills, so we haven’t had much opportunity to practice, but I know that they have it within them and will remember everything Ms. Beth taught them!

What do you “give a cup” about? Family? Friends? Safety?

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  1. I “give a cup” about head/neck safety. Ever since my sister-in-law’s dramatic accident three years ago, I am hyper sensitive to activities than can cause traumatic brain & spinal cord injury. Including (speaking of) around pools – no diving in shallow waters! It is a leading cause of paraplegia and quadriplegia in children/teens, and I sadly see diving in 5-ft neighborhood pools all the time. Also… Don’t park in handicapped spaces! Or the lines next to the handicapped space!

  2. so glad you got them lessons…
    we have been trying to decide that as well.. i know we want them, but we dont have a pool for him to continue swimming in… so…………..
    maybe next year?

  3. I was very nervous about my kids being around water, until we moved to Arizona and they were in the pool every day of their lives! Practice makes perfect, I guess!

  4. I’m the same way. Keep up the good work! This reminds me I need to get mine to practice more too! 🙂

  5. Water safety is so important. I will be putting mine in lessons next summer. They did a good job for just one day of lessons!

  6. I agree, I am so concerned about my son’s safety, and all he wants to do is cross the NYC streets by himself! We had him take swim lessons early on for basic skills, we had to cover the bases!

  7. Pool safety is so so so important. I live in SoCal and pools are everywhere! I give a cup too 🙂

  8. How super cute! I couldn’t agree more, you can never be too safe around the water. It’s awesome that they’ve learned to swim! 😉

    I give a cup about so many things right now… making sure my son keeps up with his reading this summer so that he is ready for school…. finding work so that I can pay off my bills…. and SO much more! I have a lot on my mind this summer! Thanks for the great read.. and to Peet’s for letting me get that off my chest!

  9. i’m so with you in terms of safety. all of my kids have gotten swim lessons–serious business. We make sure everyone follows the rules especially about not diving in our 4 foot pool–as a healthcare professional-I’ve seen up close what can happen if you are not careful
    thanks for sharing!

  10. Definitely my kids safety and happiness. We give and care so much as Moms don’t we? I think our attention lies in so many directions, it’s a strain to keep balance.

  11. BTW great job and congratulations to your babies for learning how to swim.

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