Perfect Timing


The line for the Ferris Wheel was pretty long.  Daddy and #2 patiently waited for a little while with us, but eventually the sitting still in the stroller wasn’t working out.  So, they went for a walk around the fair.

#1 and I waited, and after answering just a couple times "is it our turn yet?" we finally boarded our seat.  (Oh, and after measuring her at the 42" height requirement…whew..that was close).

While going around and around, and holding on to her for dear life, I was also searching the crowds for our bright orange stroller.  And, I had no luck.

Then, about half way through, they were right there in front of us.  Just like they knew it was our turn.  I called out to Mr. Serious, and amazingly he heard me, and then found us.

And, we had several rotations where we were able to yell to each other and wave to each other.

And, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect…and we were all so glad to see each other.

perfect timing  

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  1. yay for perfect timing and bright orange strollers!

    great shot mama!

  2. Awesome pics! I hope we get some good ones this weekend!!!! Yay! I’m gonna be there!!!! B & S with auntie em, and J, PB, K and S! And D!

  3. Love that picture! He is so excited to see you LOL All those colors are amazing!

  4. Oh that IS perfect timing!! I can’t wait for the fair!!

  5. Aw. You’re such a sweet family. It’s always so wonderful to be reunited with the ones we love even if it’s for a short time… 🙂

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