So, the dentist was fun…and then I tried to slice off her finger


Dentist visit number three.  And, I remember why I say after every appointment "daddy is going to bring you next time."

She is all good, strong and brave until it’s actually time for the cleaning.  She clams up and will not open her mouth…despite bribes and more.

After a not-so-fun visit and teeth cleaning, she was still rewarded with her two coins for the "prize machine" which is much like a gumball machine.

She put her coin in the first one, and it wouldn’t turn.  A nice little girl got her coin out and she put it in another machine.  Success.  She got a silly little plastic helmet.

She put her second coin in a third machine.  She couldn’t get it to turn.

In a move that couldn’t have been coordinated if attempted, I reached and tried to turn the handle.  At that very same instant she put her finger on the coin to try to get it out.  And, during that time, I turned her finger into the coin machine slot.

She screamed.  Immediately, I knew what happened.

I had no idea it was so bad.  I thought it was just a pinch.

Not so much.

She was screaming.  Screaming.  As I’ve got all of our stuff in my arms, and now her while trying to put pressure under it to take away the pain, I ask for ice.  I showed the receptionist.

She took her sweet time. 

Now, I’ve got a screaming, bleeding child in my arms and other parents are trying to figure out what is going on.  "What’s taking so long?"  "Did they get her some ice?"

Seriously, this is a dentist office.  They have access to this, right?

Finally, several minutes later, the ice and band-aids arrive.

And, the other receptionist asks "which machine was it so I can clean it?"

Excuse me?  "Um…yeah, I don’t know, I’m more concerned about my daughter’s finger and if she needs stitches.  Maybe you can clean them all!"

It took her half of the drive home to calm down…and then she was nothing but stoic.  She didn’t even want a band-aid this morning because "it isn’t bleeding and it doesn’t hurt."

Check it out one day later.  Her poor little finger.  And, of course, I feel like crap because it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t turning it.

sliced finger

So, back to my original thought, next time, daddy takes her to the dentist.

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  1. amanda dow says:

    Ohmygosh her poor finger! Aaaaaah

  2. Um, ouch! I bet those silly machines will be removed now for fear of a lawsuit, lol

  3. Ouch! From someone who has needed stitches on two separate occasions on my hand, it made me cringe to see it. Yuck! I agree, Daddy takes them next time!

  4. oh poor mama. and poor baby. so sorry friend. so sorry for you both.

  5. She got a little helmet from the machine? that’s an odd toy!
    and ouchie! But happy she says it doesn’t hurt anymore.

  6. Oh no! Poor thing. Sorry to hear that. I hope your little one is feeling a lot better and no pain anymore. Well, things like that do happen. It just makes us feel so guilty though. Take care! 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh, when I saw that picture, my stomach lurched! Poor thing!

  8. Poor thing! I hate when something I unintentionally do causes one of my kids harm-like falling down the stairs while holding them. Cheer up momma! Its all better now-or so she says. 🙂

    1. But it was so very sad when I asked her if she knew it was an accident and she said “no.” Instant tears on my part, too!

  9. I haven’t had the pleasure of taking my kids to the dentist yet, but every time I leave the doctor’s office (which seems to happen all too often when you have 2 children until two) I call my husband and say, “Next time you’re taking them!!!”. Don’t beat yourself up too much about her finger…I locked my child in the car for 35 minutes once while she was screaming at the top of her lungs the entire time and she doesn’t seem to be too scarred:)

    1. Oh my scary! And, I know what you mean about the doctor, too! I haven started letting daddy take them!

  10. Oh wow. I’m sure she will “love” the dentist even more now! lol
    Glad she didnt need stitches!!

  11. Oh honey, these things happen. It’s just not so fun when they do. Argh! Poor little one, I know you felt bad but she’ll be fine. If it makes you feel any better my mom accidentally slammed the trunk down on my whole hand once. See? It coulda been worse… 😉

    1. My dad once closed all of my fingers in the automatic window in the car…and got me and my sister both with the trunk! Good times, right?

  12. oh no! Poor pumpkin! But don’t feel bad, I know how fast little kids can move- I have come so close to closing their fingers in doors, closets, because they always seem to stick them in there right as I am trying to close something!
    And the receptionist.. jeez. I would have had some words for her.

  13. That looks painful! So sorry for her, for both of you, that she got hurt. But, you shouldn’t feel guilty at all. Honest mistake. Make Dad take her next time anyway. You know so you can do other stuff!

  14. Ohhhh, so sorry that happened!! Bless her sweet heart, and yours too. Mommy guilt is terrible! On a more positive note, maybe the teeth cleaning will be a piece of cake after the gumball incident? Maybe?

  15. Awwwww, poor little thing. That is the worst feeling ever when you inadvertantly do the hurt. Hope the boo-boo heals quickly! ♥

  16. Ouch! And you know it wasn’t really your fault.
    It’s her dad’s fault:)

  17. That is so sad. I hate when my kids get hurt. Especially if I did it (even unintentionally) . Definitely a reason to let Dad do dentist from now on.

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