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I think we can call it success!!!


The three older girls? Total paci girls (they all took a little cajoling) until they went to the paci fairy. E still has hers! I know, we need to work on that!

But, if you follow along on Facebook (holla at me!) you know I’ve been lamenting that B wouldn’t take a paci. I tried so many of them over and over. She wanted to soothe by sucking put couldn’t get her mouth right to take one. They just popped out. But I kept trying.

Success paci girl

Finally, this weekend, we turned a corner. I tried the oldest of old school pacis. I bought for them oldest over 7 years ago because they were just like the ones that I used when I was a baby (and a toddler!)

The proof? See. Twinsies.

K and E

Sidenote: I never really saw it before but I think E might look like me here. And, what a cherub by sister was!

Some people might not like the idea of a paci, or fingers or thumb, but when it helps to soothe, and I can take it away (or send it to the paci fairy), I’ll take it!

Success paci girl

Take home message: Never give up! It even applies to pacifiers for your kiddos.


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  1. Yay! This is awesome. Iagree, never give up. At 8 months Logan is FINALLY starting to self soothe some, with her thumb. I can’t take it away, or send it to the paci fairy, and I am a little nervous about that but we will cross that bridge when necessary. Love the pic of me and you, too.

  2. The Paci ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO sad that my girls took their thumb instead. I can’t throw those out. 🙂 BUT they get the job done and I’m OK with braces.

  3. grandma pat says:

    sometimes old school is a good thing. I am very glad you figured it out with her. I love the picture of you and Em. I always liked that jacket. Think the hot Houston attics ate it.

  4. It took Annie awhile to take a pacifier. We tried several different types and finally settled on the style the hospital sent home with us. But even then, we had to hold it in her mouth for quite a while before she’d suck on it without spitting it out. Incidentally, she didn’t like the bottle either.

    At 18 months she gave up the pacifier when she had hand-foot-mouth disease and couldn’t suck on anything. It was nice to get rid of it so easily and not fight about that later. On the other hand … it was rough that she didn’t have any sort of comfort anymore. I became her comfort again and our night weaning was put on hold. That was a rough summer.

  5. Aww yay! Thank goodness for pacifiers! My 8month old son uses one and I wish he would start sucking his thumb at times.

  6. I felt the same way about my son when he sucked his thumb. I loved that he could soothe himself. And he was so good about breaking the habit when he got older. I did like the pacis too but it was annoying when they would lose them in the middle of the night and then wake up crying. When they got a little older I put Tommy and Ben to bed with 5 or 6 nuks spread around their crib so that they could always find one easily. 😉
    Gracie was a surprise in that she never sucked her thumb or used a paci.

  7. Oh we had such a hard time taking Carters away. He was devistated! But…after a few nights of crying and crying and more crying….it got better quickly. Was horrible for us. 🙁

  8. My kids both liked the old school kind too. I even have one from when I was little still, it looks just like yours! I honestly would have taken all the help I could get from pacis, but they both wouldn’t take them once they got to be a few months old. 🙁

  9. Yah! My son never took to a pacifier and I tried ALL of them!

  10. way to go mama!

    so stinkin cute!!

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