Stroller Derby-Wordful Wednesday


Thank goodness that I had some foresight with my girls.

Somebody wanted to buy us one toy stroller for both of them to share.

I knew that wouldn’t fly.

Some things aren’t “share-able.”

Quickly, I suggested to another gift-giver that we would need another stroller.

DSC_5382 DSC_5381

Whew.  That could have been a close one. 

How else would they be able to chase each other with their respective babies or play stroller derby?


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  1. Heh. Stroller derby. How else indeed?

    I'm always shocked at what my girls fight over…and they're five years apart. Sigh.

  2. My oldest two are girls. We had only one doll stroller for about a week until I couldn't stand it anymore. TWO IS a must. 🙂

  3. Looks like you made a great decision for your girls. I would totally have made the same one!

  4. I agree!! Some toys aren't worth sharing…it's just not worth the fight!
    Too cute!

  5. hehe. stroller derby sounds fun… where do I sign up? And I can see where they each need there own. it is a must with siblings 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. I LOVE the stroller derby line–you crack me up!

    And I totally get it about the "sharing" toys…I am already checking to see what "doubles" we're going to need around here 🙂


  7. And a smart Momma to ensure they are identical strollers, too. I can just imagine the stroller derby…too funny.

  8. Oh yes, must have two of everything around here too (for the boys!). The latest is Zhu Zhu pets. Thank God I bought 2!!!

    So, which cutie won the derby? 😉

  9. My daughter LOVES her stroller. I imagine if I had another daughter that I'd definately have to have two of them.

  10. Stroller derby…hahaha that's great! My son plays that with his buddy at day care and they love it…but you are right, some things just aren't shareable!

  11. Strollers and babies are the cutest! And ya, one stroller and 2 girls… no way!

  12. Is that a glow worm?? I use to have one as a kid 🙂 Actually I think it is still around here somewhere!

  13. I feel like people who don't have similarly aged same-sex children really don't understand the torture of sharing something like that. We recently got a boat for a gift. Said boat was fun the first day it was here. Said boat also recently hit the high seas and hasn't been seen again. Sailing is such a dangerous business!

  14. Very smart! I'm sure there are SEVERAL times that both girls will want to be the mommy! 🙂

  15. We have a stroller and a shopping cart for stroller derby. It usually escalates into bumper matches though. 😉

  16. Looks like fun!
    Head back over for a 3rd chance to win one of Paul's books!
    I'll be back to read your blog more later! Thanks for visiting!

  17. Peterson Family says:

    I still sometimes do this with my kids. Some things there just can't be one of in a household!

  18. thanks. taking notes from mommy of two little girls – great info friend 🙂

  19. we get the same problem around here. NOW we too are just doing doubles with most things. you can only get them to share so much.

    Luv the pic's too cute

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