Mommy and Me Monday-The 6th Edition


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

I have a confession to make; I like Easter candy. 

Really, I like all candy.  But, Easter is the best.  I love black jelly beans.  No kidding.  (If you don’t like yours, send them to me, promise, I’ll eat them all up).  I also like Peeps. 

What’s better than a fluffy, yummy marshmallow covered in colored sugar?

Letting your girls eat them for the first time with you, that’s what’s better.

Sugar coated, marshmallow-y bliss.


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  1. Last week Dearest had some peeps, too. He was traumatized when he walked away only to return and find out that I had decapitated Obviously, I love peeps, too!

  2. I can't get past the squishy yellow peep. I just can't bring myself to eat them. I do love to bite the ears off the chocolate bunny. When is someone going to get wise and just make chocolate ears?

    I love your girls faces in these photos. You all look like you are enjoying those treats.

  3. I'm so glad you got them and didn't wait until Easter! They look so yummy…however, I need to find a way for them to fit into my goal plan.

  4. You black jelly bean lovers are hard to find! I would mail you all of mine because I HATE wasting candy! Maggie will be trying peeps very very soon because they are the BEST!

  5. Well I do not like black jelly beans so if I don't toss them in the trash I will surely send them your way!

    But I do love peeps 🙂

    BTW thanks for starting Mommy and Me Mondays, it really helps me to remember to come in front of the camera.

  6. I like black jelly beans too! I thought I was the only one. Peeps though… not so much. Looking forward to joining in!

  7. want to know what's better than Easter Candy right now? Easter candy on clearance about 5 days after Easter! I think it tastes even better!
    Great Pics!

  8. LOVE Easter candy–in fact I told Leo he better take the pb eggs with him tomorrow…or else!

    Such sweet pictures! I cannot get over how much alike you all look! So pretty!


  9. I'm more of a chocolate gal. And Charlie has that same bib that Nat is wearing. 😉

  10. LOVE it!

    My name is Jenny and I am a jellybean addict.

    I must confess…I looked over at the baby tonight and thought it was a good thing I don't have to share my jellybeans yet!

  11. Aw yes, we do LOVE the Peeps around here. My favorite are the yellow chicks. Mmmmm….

    Love that first shot! 🙂

  12. So cute!
    Ok my reader is bonkers again. I deleted your feed and redid it. Let's see if it works now, lol.

  13. The Easter bunny got Olivia Peeps. She's never had one. Can't wait to see if she likes them.. I don't. LOL

  14. I love black jelly beans, too! They're my favorite. In fact, I rarely eat the other colors. LOL 🙂

  15. Easter candy is actually one of least favorite types of candy..I'm not a fan of jelly beans or peeps!! Hope you will still be my friend! lol
    I do love the easter egg shapes reeses peanut butter cups!!
    LOVE the pics of you and the girls though!! Adorable!

  16. Sparkette says:

    Oh I can't stand peeps. My mom opens them and leaves them open for like two months then she eats them! Yuck.

    My favorite Easter candy is the new Nerds Jelly Beans. Oh my goodness I could eat those forever. Oh and white chocolate bunnies. No chocolate for me!

  17. Jelly Beans are our favorite…hint hint Jelly Belly! and my hubby loves peeps! I love your expression on the first one! Glad to have found your blog!

  18. First I want to say that I keep coming back to your blog because you are so real! I love that your hair is in a ponytail and your oldest daughter is not in designer clothes – you all look beautiful, but relatable too! I bet if we lived close we would be great friends LOL

    And my daughter LOVES marshmallows. Me? Not so much. I bet David would like those too….this will be the first Easter he can eat this stuff at (last easter he was 1 day old LOL)

  19. what wonderful pics. i enjoy seeing your pics….XOXO

  20. My favorite candy is Starburst Jellybeans! Love them. I seriously stock up every Easter to get me thru! Peeps on the other are not a fav for me, but the picture of you and your girls is just too cute.

  21. I love candy and easter candy but do not like Peeps. Those are great moments that are captured with your kids!

  22. I am with you on the sweets…love them and I love peeps!

    Such sweet pics of you and the girls!

  23. HAHA That is adorable! They are loving it!

    But, I just have to say "ewwwwww".

    Halloween candy though? THAT is where it's at. HAHAHA

  24. I feel like everytime I come here you ladies are eating something yummy! Did'nt your mo teach you to share!!!

    OH and have you been to Rita's? They have a peep flavor italion ice

  25. and now i need peeps!! thank goodness i am going to the store tomorrow!!

    ps – love nat's adorable smile in the first pic!! sooo happy!!

  26. I'm not a fan of Peeps but they made for cute pictures! My sister is obsessed with Peeps, I always buy them for her as a surprise and she eats the whole box in a day. Ugh, screams stomachache to me!

  27. so cute! 🙂

    I will fight you for the black jelly beans, I love them too!!

  28. PEEPS?!?! Really? Ugh. I am an easter candy NUT…but Peeps, no thanks! 🙂 Although, I have to admit, if Libbi asked me to try one with her for the first time, I would do it in a second! 🙂
    Happy Monday!

  29. I love Easter candy too – but I cannot stand jelly beans or peeps (shocking right?). My thing is the Cadbury eggs. They are probably why the rest of the weight won't come off.

    Cute pictures though! I wonder if Karys would like peeps that much 🙂

  30. Did you know Peeps come from Pennsylvania?? 🙂 Fun times – I think I'll get my kids peeps tonight!

  31. So cute, and love that N has to eat hers with a bib on!! 🙂 Too fun! Happy Easter friend!

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