Aunt Emily loves to spoil the girls.


The girls have a lot of fun when Aunt Emily comes to visit.  Too much fun, sometimes.   Like the time Aunt Emily let #1 put Vaseline all over her hair (if you haven’t seen those pictures, you should definitely click over)!

This visit was no different.  Aunt Emily did not disappoint.

She stayed home with each of the girls on separate days, so they got their fill of Auntie Em time.

With #1, she baked cookies (using only a 1/2 cup extra of shortening).

With #2, she let her eat her beloved “gogur” (yogurt) for all of her meals.

Definitely win-win for all parties involved.

On Friday, Aunt Emily went out and played tourist all on her own.

I think she had some sort of guilt thing going on.

After we picked up the girls, she insisted on getting them slushies/slurpies.  I’ve given up trying to argue.  It’s not worth fighting with Aunt Emily anymore.


Yep, they each got their own.

And, they both loved them.  (And, thank goodness Aunt Emily had the sense to get them a dye-free flavor…even if it tasted like Pina Colada).

See, Aunt Emily never disappoints.  She spoils our girls rotten.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Of course, I can’t wait for Aunt Emily to have kids of her own one day to repay all of her favors).

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  1. Being an Auntie is the BEST!!! I love my little peeps and love to spoil them!!

  2. Aunt Emily looks SO cute and fun! I want her to by my Aunt : )

    Everyone needs to be a little spoiled, don't they?

  3. I totally wish my kids had an Aunt Emily…maybe if my brothers ever get married they will!

  4. That picture is too cute! That is so sweet they are so close to their aunt! They are very lucky to have their aunt Emily! 🙂

  5. What a great aunt! Thats what they are for 🙂 Perfect, they are so lucky!

  6. Maybe if she's still buying them things when they get to college you can make some suggestions! Lol!

  7. Who wouldn't love an aunt like that?! 🙂 So far the only people who spoil Tate and Emily are Grandma and Grandpa…only once in a while. I think they need an aunt like Aunt Emily! (wellll…for their sake, not mine anyways! haha)

  8. Dang! *AHEM* Aunt Emily! I need some time with you. 🙂

  9. Oh yeah — Aunt Krystyn will know all the tricks, after learning from the master.

    Everyone needs a cool aunt — I'm the fun uncle in our family!

  10. When my sis has kids it is SO on. She spoils the dude endlessly…and he eats it up!

  11. What lucky girls!! Aunt Em loves her Sampson and Blubbs!!!
    She talks about them everytime I see her 🙂
    What a great post girl..I know she will love it too!!

  12. LOL My kids have their MeMa that spoils them rotten! Funny how I have 2 sisters that live 20 minutes away from me and they don't see my kids more than 1 a month – if that! Just too darned busy with life I guess…..sad huh?

    Anyways, I am so glad your girls got to spend some fun time with Aunt Emily! Good memories!

  13. That's such a great photo. 🙂 Look at those faces.
    In my household, it's my mom that spoils my kiddo. I have no siblings, but we all laugh and say, "Grammy is a sucker".

  14. Everyone should have a special Auntie! Mine lived in California and I LOVED going and staying with she and my Uncle ~ It was like a whole different world from Nebraska!

  15. I am sure they all had a great time spending quality time together. The apartment building one sister lives in has a pool, indoor playground and mini-mart. Carter loves going to visit Aunt Lindsay because he is guaranteed to get to play on the playground and get a slushie at the mini-mart.

  16. Gotta love having a fun sister to hang with the kids! My brother and his fiancee do the same thing. 🙂

  17. Sounds like they all had so much fun and what memories! It will be fun when you can return the favors though! Love the smiles in the picture, so sweet with just a hint of mischief in their eyes!

  18. LMAO!

    I'm the aunt, who does the payback now! My brother regrets everything he every did/bought my girls before he had his own daughter. 🙂

  19. Haha! That is the fun of being an aunt. What lucky girls to have such a sweet auntie. 🙂
    Great pic too!

  20. Mr. Serious says:

    What a great picture of Auntie and the girls! Emily is a blessing whenever she visits. She also spoiled me a big ol' Sicilian slice from Marietta Pizza Kitchen. YUM!

  21. Every little kid needs an Aunt Emily! Someone who will let you eat ice cream for dinner! LOL

  22. I love that your girls have such a wonderful Aunt Emily! She let them put vaseline in her hair though? WOW.

  23. A Busy Mommy says:

    My boys have an aunti kiki who sounds a lot like Aunt Emily! At least these special treats only happen once in a while. Thanks for sharing

  24. YAY for Aunt Emily!! How fun is that! And i love that instead of mommy guilt she gets aunt guilt! Too funny!

  25. I think this is a great post! Oh and yeah I am getting my pay backs from my brother…I was once an Aunt Emily to his boys but now I have little boys that he is being an Aunt Emily when he gets to see them…yeppers pay backs are sure fun!


  26. I miss them already. Spoiling them is great and I wish I could do it more often! I'm trying to figure out when I will come next…and secretly planning what I can do with my Blubs and Sampson!!! I miss Blubs sweet voice asking for french toast at 6am, and Sampson bringing my shoes to me every 2 minutes!

  27. This aunt is exactly the same way! I love my nieces to death 🙂

  28. What an awesome Auntie! Hope you are doing well! And as far as your Monday post about Peeps….I love Peeps!! What's not to love about those things? Yumo. Anywho-was curious how I can go about getting on your blog roll? 🙂

  29. So funny! I love that they had Pina Colada flavor. And Izzy's face is priceless!!!!

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