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I finally had a successful month participating in the photoaday challenge my @fatmumslim on instagram (I’m @SeriousKrystyn)! Some pictures and stories not so interesting. Others, pretty cute:) Here are the pictures and their stories.


{1} Me. Now. Atl zoo. {2} So glad my girls have such an awesome father and role model in their lives. {3} Kept trying to convince them to start faraway but they liked this method. {4} In my mailbox. {5} Today we’re playing with the bright “purplish pinkish” (her favorite color). {6} This red light. Everyday. {7} I love her natural red curly hair and spunky personality. (people seriously think I dye and perm her hair!) {8} It’s night but still not dark. From my bathtub window. {9} Something I do most weekends? More like! {10} An oldie, but a goodie (black and white). {11} So glad we have an awesome role model and hero for our girls. {12} We wait for the doctor together. {13} Look who’s sitting at my table. {14} One of their favorite after school things. {15} First thing I saw this morning. I guess the oldest got up early and made a pallet on the floor to read by the nightlight.


{16} Definitely a strange find on my phone. I think Rody blew a flat or is not well. {17} Homemade caramel sauce, salsa and whipped cream in my fridge. {18} She paid the price for her sister’s crazy bike riding and took a spill. {19} Underneath that cute and innocent smile is a seriously loud, ear piercing squeal! {20} Look at that manmade (okay really woman made) cutie! {21} Sometimes you just get stuck under the bed. {22} We were up way too early this morning for the atlheartwalk with team jennycraig. {23} Before bedtime she nurses. ( and doesn’t like the paparazzi either.) {24} 3 things on her paper at open house. {25} One of the older frames in our house. {26} When Sasafras (cat) is near she instantly starts smiling. {27} I have a love/hate relationship with my hair the longest it’s been. Love that I can pull it back. Hate that E pulls it and I never do anything with it. {28} It’s a good thing I’m out with friends. {29} While daddy and N ran an errand we caught E army crawling. {30} Me. Then. (With my sister). 

(Holy cow, this post just took like an hour…wonder if I’ll do it again).

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  1. ha! these posts do take forever!! but so worth it friend!! yay you!!

    1. Yes, you should. Once I set my mind to it, it’s not too hard at all.

  2. You did great! I did SO well until the end of the month. Trying again this month! 🙂

    1. I just try to get it done in the morning….it’s tough when it’s dinner and night themes.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I always say I am going to do these photo a month things, but I never make it more than a few days.


    Your family is adorable. Drinks soon?

    1. I try to get them done in the morning!

      And, yes, definitely! We do need to get together.

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