T-minus one week


I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry.

Yeah. That’s not going to happen. We are at t-minus one week until the big O-N-E. Seriously, can’t freaking believe it.

One week until ONE

I’m trying to do O-N-E big. We’ll see how it goes (I’m used to nice fall weather in October. This whole planning a party in February? No idea what to expect…except a crowded house!) I even got my craft on (and yes, I cut out every single letter and circle by hand. One day E will thank me, right?)

One week until ONE

So be thinking of me this week. It’s going to be crazy. And I’m going to cry. And be overwhelmed. And probably turn into that crazy basket-case lady. I apologize in advance.

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  1. grandma pat says:

    cute, cute, cute bathtub picture. I want a copy for the bathroom. Have both 1 and 2 in there in the tub. I need #3. Really cute birthday letters. Your birthday breakfast will be great.

  2. Time has flown by. I will be thinking of you. Your little lady is growing up on you.

  3. awe, happy happy birthday!!!!!

  4. Ack! Almost ONE???? That is crazy! Wasn’t she just born? I almost want to cry for you!
    One was a big deal for me too. 🙁

  5. ONE already!! Wow…where did the time go?? Happy, happy birthday to your sweet Evelyn!! It’s going to be a fabulous celebration I am sure.

  6. Jennifer Young says:

    Happy almost birthday to her! 🙂

  7. Jennifer Marie says:

    I would cry too. She is super cute! 🙂

  8. happy birthday week mama!!

    tears and all, i know it’s going to be amazing!!


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