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I might have mentioned it a time or two before, but Mr. Serious and I go way back….like high school way back.

During that time we might have exchanged a love letter or two. And maybe a note or a picture or a goofy sign.

Love letters

Each of them tells their own story. An anniversary, a basketball game, Valentine’s day, a birthday, a three week trip to England and France. That particular trip I mailed letters before he even left home so that when he arrived in England there would be letters waiting for him.

This box of letters (only a couple are shown) had been safely stored at the in-law’s house in Mr. Serious’ room for many years. Well they are moving and these were the only things that Mr. Serious wanted out of the room Swoon. Yeah, he’s a keeper and all mine ladies.

We’ve both pulled them out periodically and taken little trips down memory lane. Some of them are so sugary sweet you’d instantly get a cavity. Some just take a snapshot of a moment in our history preserved on paper. To be honest, while reading them I think of how naive I was and how mushy gushy I was and I’m a little embarrassed. But, not many people are lucky enough to say they fell in love with their high school sweetheart, went off to college together, moved to a new city and had three cute little girls together. 

So even though it’s a little silly reading them, I like that they are there. And now I’m motivated to do two things 1) go find that box of letters that he wrote me…I know it’s around here somewhere and 2) be more intentional about writing my feelings and leaving little notes for Mr. Serious more often.

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  1. That’s AWESOME! Are they notes that you’ll let your kids read someday? I know I would have loved to read notes between my parents when I was a kid. 🙂

    By the way, I don’t know if you get notifications (I think my settings are wonky, so I doubt it), but I replied to your comment on my blog. One thing I didn’t say though, was that yes, converting to black and white is a great option if you want to save a picture that you’re not happy with in color.

    1. Oh definitely…they are mushy gushy…they probably won’t appreciate them until they are much older:)

      Must remember b&w…always forget!

  2. I love this. I think it is wonderful that you have this shared history and even more importantly that you get them out from time to time and share those memories. Too often people forget to do that and for me that is a bit like forgetting the romance that bought you together in the first place. Very special!


    1. I couldn’t believe how mushy gushy we were and yet I realize we still sort of are!

  3. I have a box with things like this from my husband too! I love looking back at them and being reminded of some sweet moments. I even have a few sticky notes he wrote to the children before going to work work one day…including the child I was carrying at the time. I like to think that years down the road my children and grandchildren will be blessed by reading them and being reminded of the love that we have for each other…their legacy in a way.

  4. pat chance says:

    keeping old letters and notes is great. Joe has a box full and he reads them periodically. Yeah they are mushy and some pretty silly.

  5. That is so sweet!!! I still have letters and poems that The Husband wrote me. I think he has mine. It is so much fun to go back down memory lane.

    1. It’s even more special when you realize you both have done it!

  6. Oh, I love this. It makes me all weepy.
    Kids today are missing out so much. Too much texting and not enough hand written notes.

    Beautiful post! 🙂

    1. My friend told me that she does all pre-date chatting via facebook messenger now…so sad. They are totally missing out.

  7. awww how sweet!! Most of Tim and I’s conversations were over IM.. I so wish I had kept some of the conversations for posterity sake!

    1. Such a different age we are in, right? I’m sure you have something from him…anniversary cards or something, right?

  8. This is so lovely. We don’t have a single love letter from either one of us.

    1. Oh, I bet there is one somewhere. You have kept so much stuff! I even have a little one in my wallet.

  9. Oh how I love this. Nothing sweeter than a love letter from your Hubby so I can only imagine the sugar that was in those High School notes:)

  10. “love” old love notes.

    and all of their cheesy goodness!

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