PSF-Sibling Love


1 now wants to hold #2. It’s adorable. Well, except that she doesn’t really “hold” her so much as she wants #2 laying on her so she can smother her with kisses.

“It’s okay, #2!” (I have to get this on video one time because reading it just doesn’t do it justice!)

Pie pictures are coming. It turned out well (and yes I went shopping for the newest ingredients).

To all of the crazy shoppers out there…hope you are having fun.

I’m not joining you. I don’t do lines and I don’t do crowds.

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  1. That’s so cute! You should indeed get it on video. A picture helps to remember what we tend to forget, but a video really captures the moment.

    Happy thanksgiving.

  2. Katie Says So says:

    Very cute!!! =)

  3. They are so adorable! I smiled for several minutes after seeing these cute pictures!

  4. What beauties you have!!

    This is the first year in several that I haven’t gotten up before 4:30 am to shop on Black Friday…and I feel just fine about it!

  5. I don't do black Friday either. Not no how. And, actually, the online sales are no tax & free shipping – so they are better in some instances.

  6. Adorable – HOW cute are THEY? I love the hair and the ribbon – how does she keep it in? Great shots!

  7. It’s so adorable when they want to help so badly, and they’re just not quite equipped — you can’t say no!
    I’m with you on the crowds and the lines — shopping from right here at my computer seems like a great idea — especially today.

  8. So precious! I went out this morning around 6, but I didn’t stay out long. I braved toysrus but let’s just say I’ll never do that again…oh and say PRICE GOUGING, TOO! I bought a doll at wally world for Punky for $36 and they had the same doll for $50, yes 50 dollars in toysrus. I could hate christmas very easily for that reason alone!!!

  9. What darling pictures of your girls.

    I didn’t go shopping today either. Some of the sales here started at midnight!!! Give me a break!!
    I found it much more fun to stay home with family and eat thanksgiving left overs.
    Have a good weekend. Love, Grammy

  10. super fun. thanks for sharing.

    I TAGGED you. it has an award with it. have fun. hope you enjoy.

  11. Oh, she looks so excited in that first picture! What a sweet big sister!

  12. The wife and I ventured out on Black Friday. We were at the black heart of Black Friday – the Wal-Mart electronic department!! And at 5 am in the morning, nonetheless!!! Oh bo!! Never again.

  13. Those two are soooo sweet, and they will grow up to be the best of friends I’m sure 🙂

  14. The pictures are great. So so so SWEET. OOO yeah I do not do crowds that is why I have not taken my boys to Disney yet. I did not leave my house this weekend. I have been bunkered in since Tuesday and do not plan on leaving until next week sometime..LOL LOL LOL

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. so adorable.. what a great big sister.. she looks so grown up holding her baby sister….!!!

    I HATE crowds too.. HATE.THEM!!! My husband went out.. plus Black Friday is not cool anymore since the kids won’t use the $4.00 barbie anymore.. guess it’s not cool for an 18 year old to play with barbies… who knew???? That’s my little tip for you this week.. LOL LOL

  16. Does Izzy play with N’s fingernails like you used to do with mine? Those pictures are too cute…and Izzy’s headband, WOW! I love it! Less than a month and I will be there to take care of all the spoiling of the girls, and you and Papa Bear, of course! I still have not gone back to Katy Mills for the shoes but I plan to!

  17. So stinking cute!

    Now they just need identical outfits, LOL!

  18. That really is super cute. I have pictures of my boys that are exactly like that!! In a little chair just like that. Too funny!

  19. Sisters are THE BEST!!!!

    Adorable pics! If I go for the third child, I’m totally blaming you. 🙂

  20. Awww they are too cute. My daughter was never much into holding her little brother. She only did it a few times when prompted. She likes him much better now that he can play. That’s precious.

  21. I want another one – too cute!

    No crowds for me either. Shop online. All online 🙂

  22. Awww, how sweet!

    Are you two redheads? I have one myself. 🙂 Well, two if you count my husband.

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