These kids are cracking us up


These girls sure are cracking us up lately. They have gotten extra witty, and super funny. And, they are quick, too, the little stinkers.


When I go to get E out of her crib

E: “Mommy I like your b00bies!”

If I’m lucky, she’ll grab them and give them a squeeze. Seriously, where does she get this.

But, it’s not just mine.

E: “Gwandma, I like your b00bies!”

The Sas


In the car on the way home.

N: “When my mouth sings it makes music. Sometimes.”


Ask the girls to fold laundry.

Oldest: “Are these your panties mommy? They are HAAAUUUGEEE!”

N: “Well, mommy’s bottom is huge.”

Me: Errr….ugh, grumble.



During a bit of an emotional breakdown where I was told we never do anything fun and I’m super mean.

Me: “Do you know how many kids got to go to World of Coke, Hurricane Harbor, Legoland, and have their grandparents visit all in one weekend?”

N: Without skipping a beat, “Four.”

I guess hypothetical questions aren’t for her.


Sitting at the dinner table during dinner.

E: buuurrrpppp

Me: “What do you say?”

E: “I burped.”

E at dinner


Talking to daddy, where we never know if she’s quizzing us, or just asking a question.

N: “What are the clouds that make lightning called?”

Daddy: “I don’t know.”

N: “Cumulonimbus!”


During B’s baptism.

E: “Happy birthday!”

When she thought we were ignoring her.



N: “I’m only having 2 kids. 4 is too many.”

4 kids


E: “Yook at me, mommy. I spinning”


On watching a TV show (to daddy).

N: “We watched a show today that was scary because the mom died, but it was okay because they were wearing plenty of clothes.”


I’ve got to get better about writing these down when they happen because I laugh at their craziness many times a day…and I need it!

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  1. oh gosh these are too funny! I definitely try to keep in the habit of writing down the fun things they say – I couldn’t make it up if I tried!

  2. grandma pat says:

    great idea writing them down – they do say some pretty funny things

  3. LOL I love it!! I haven’t written one of these types of posts in a while. I should do one again soon. I love how N said she would only have 2.. since she is number 2 😉

  4. i have a journal to write things down broxton does- – – but then i forget to do it until the thing he says/does has left my brain

  5. So if you’re fully clothed and your mom dies, it eases the pain? Good to know.

    I can’t believe the ditty when she answered “four” without missing a beat. She’s a sharp one!

  6. Aww these are so funny,My kids always amaze me at how quick they are and the answers they give are so funny,Its great to keep track of so you can look back and remember lol.

  7. Hah!! They are too funny. I feel like the funny things kids do and say is their way of making up for puking at midnight and throwing tantrums at the grocery store.

    The first one reminds me of this time where my grandma was getting dressed and Kaylee (at age 2) runs in and starts nursing her. She didn’t breastfeed her own children so it was her first time nursing, lol!

  8. Kids say the darndest things. We never know what is coming out of Davey’s mouth.

  9. This is hilarious! I love keep track of the funny things my kids say.

  10. My son is starting to babble and say the sweetest (and rudest!) things. Haha. He is now saying BYE to everyone when he wants them to go away!

  11. Kids say the darnedest thing! That expression holds true for a reason, we see it here with your kids!
    I love this!

  12. Your girls are so funny (Kids are funny in general, I’ve found!) My son likes to tell me, “I so funny!” And he’s currently in his crib yelling, “Mommy? Is that you? Mommy? Where are you?” Sigh. Kids.

  13. Gotta love the honesty. I love how their brains work!

  14. Kids are hilarious! I wish I would have recorded everything my kids have said over the years.

  15. seriously i always think oh i will never forget what she just said in the moment and then poof two seconds later i have no clue!! love the panties one the most! goofballs!!

  16. I love that you wrote these down! My son aka the 2 year old super creeper- came into the room while I was changing clothes today…. with his binoculars. “Hey mommy- I seen your boobies!” Where do they even get that???

  17. Your kids are too adorable! I miss the days of those “I can’t believe she said that” conversations with my daughter. Now it’s all fights about going to her boyfriends, wanting to see rated R movies and the fact that she thinks she deserves a clothing budget. Sigh.

  18. Kids always say the darnedest things. It’s hilarious. I love that your little one caught on to the fact even though the mom died the kids were still taken care of with plenty of clothes. LOL

  19. Ann BAcciaglia says:

    It is so true. Kids says the cutest and most interesting things. I think it is sweet.

  20. Haha-I love how kids say the funniest things! Those are adorable!

  21. my kids are good at the one-liners too. I use Facebook to get them in print as soon as possible

  22. These conversations are hilarious! So much fun! “When my mouth sings it makes music. Sometimes” Was the greatest line! I love it!

  23. The things that come out of my kids mouths sometimes just blow me away. There is never a dull moment though!

  24. You have the most beautiful kids! they seems to keep you on your toes constantly. Must be fun in your world 🙂

  25. OMG these are too cute. A friend of mind bought me a book to record my little one when he starts talking. This is too cute!

  26. I love this! They are just too cute. My girls are 5 and 8 months. I can’t wait to see how they interact once baby is walking and talking!

  27. I feel like I’m there with you! Definitely great laughs, thanks!

  28. Kids are too funny! Boobies are what my twins are into right now too. Oye!

  29. Okay I love your girls. I bet they have you laughing all day long! I also love the idea of doing posts like this every once in a while. They are so sweet!

  30. Hilarious! I love the way their little brains work. The things they come up with are too funny! I love the response to the hypothetical question! LOL!

  31. That is adorable. I get the biggest kick out of what my kids say.

  32. You girls are beautiful. As they get older, they get really funny. Mine are 3 and 5- they are sure to put a smile on my face with silly comments or actions.

  33. It is fun to sit and listen to our children because they are so amusing, funny, smart and interesting.

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