The obligatory TP pictures


Dear #2,

Oh, sweet girl.  Mommy and #1 were off playing at a birthday party.  When we got home, mommy went potty.

There was a big roll of unrolled and rerolled TP (that’s toilet paper in our house) sitting on the counter. Mommy questioned daddy.

Daddy suggested mommy look at her camera.

Mommy found a clue as to how the paper was unrolled.

playing with TP with broken leg

smiling with tp

playing with TP smiles

tp playing fun

smiles with tp

Mommy didn’t find a clue as to how the TP got rerolled and placed back on the counter.

I have a feeling there is no picture of that.

Glad you had a fun time with daddy.



PS Sorry daddy thought your pants and sweater matched.  I’m not sure what that’s all about.  Ask daddy, please.

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  1. She's having such a blast, though! I truly don't think a little kid is happier than when they're doing something they're not supposed to.

  2. She is too cute! And the comment about her outfit totally cracks me up!!

  3. Hope you don't mind me popping over the pond to have a read of your blog. Had to chuckle at the mismatched clothes – my Hubby was just the same…

  4. Little ones are always the cutest when they're being mischievous, and they know it too! You have a beautiful happy little girl!

  5. How adorable! Look how happy she is about pulling on that TP. Lol.

    And I love your apology for her outfit! HAHA. Poor dads everywhere experience some sort of baby-related inability to dress them.

  6. Leave it to Dads! 🙂 She still looks adorable.

  7. Everyone spends so much time picking out the perfect gifts for kids, but really all they want is a full roll of toilet paper and empty cardboard boxes!

  8. Those pictures are so cute! It is great that your husband thinks to take pictures of things while you are out. I can only imagine what goes on between Josh and Carter while I am not around. I do know that on the day that Carter stays home with Josh during the week they have a pick up the house before mommy gets home race beginning at 5:00pm.

  9. Oh she looked so proud!!! 😉
    Daddy..I'm hoping she just had an accident and you just hadnt changed her whole outfit, right?!?!
    That smile is just precious!!!

  10. I love how she is so proud of herself!! at least her cast matches her pants 🙂

  11. LOL! My youngest does this all the time and it drives me bonkers!!! She gets this same look on her face, too! Oh, and my hubby dresses my kids similarly. I have to casually sneak in when he's about to dress her and "suggest" something else that actually matches. Sometimes I don't get to him in time and it's a disaster!

  12. She looks pretty proud of herself! LOL at the outfit!

  13. With 3 girls, I feel your pain with the matching attire. You'd think after 9 years, my husband could put together 2 pieces of clothing- no such luck. I cringe when I know he might be bringing them out in public after he is responsible for dressing them!

  14. At least Daddy actually dressed her and took pictures of the cuteness! He is just helping you blog!

  15. lol, I am sorry to admit I did take a double look at the outfit, lol! Way to go pops!

  16. loving the autographs on the cast!! how fun is that??

  17. Oh she is just elated! I have pictures of Ava doing this. I can imagine the fun of it.
    My husband thinks they just need to be covered, what does it matter if it matches?! At least he took pictures, not sure if my husband would think to.:)

  18. Haha, definitely they had a great time.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. hee hee. I will admit. My house is a mess more times than not because when I see a smile like N's I can't resist but let them play.

  20. Southern Savvy says:

    Oh, the toilet paper is such a problem in my house! How do you get the kiddies to stop?! LOL Stop by my blog when you get a chance, I'm passing along an award to you!

  21. OMGoodness, she looks like she was having a ball. Isn't it amazing what they can do when Daddy is in charge? lol Once again, I love her smile 🙂

  22. So glad Mr Serious had the forsight to document this! And Alex can't match my kids either. It's got to be a man thing.

  23. So cute! I guess Papa Bear thought she had on green and purple…why not add another color to the mix! Oh, Papa Bear, we need to label the outfits so you know what goes with what! Maybe you should let the girls pick out Papa Bear's work clothes one day!

  24. Hmmm daddies cause trouble. Not babies. This is my theory.

    I'm a new follower!!

  25. Mr. Serious is amazing. He not only rerolls tp but he takes pictures of the little miss in the act. Good for Mr. Serious!… and N looks so delighted with her new achievement. LOL
    Have a great thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Lura

  26. pure joy on that face, she had a blast!

  27. Now THAT is the husband of a blogger – he took pictures FOR you! Love it! She seems quite happy with herself too… : )

  28. This is always what happens when children are left with daddy I think 🙂 Both the TP and the mis-matching… when in doubt, always blame the men! 😉

  29. Mysteries unravelled… or unrolled??? 😉

    Makes you think about why we buy them toys for Christmas.


  30. You should see some of the stuff my husband puts Henry in – and then doesn't comb his hair… proceeds to announce he is ready for school. Ha-ha.

    Cute picture. Good job Daddy for getting the pictures.

  31. I love that he took pictures for you!!

    Now that is one smart husband of a blogger! 🙂

    Kudos Mr. Serious!

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