What did you say?


alternate title: “Huh?”

The setting: dinner table at the Serious household.

The topic: talk radio.

Mr. Serious: I recently heard on a talk show (blah blah blah political stuff-I really don’t even remember)….but I don’t really know if I believe it. He tends to take one little snippet and over analyze it and tear it apart. I think I’m going to have to do a fact check.

Me: Did you just say “fat chick?”

Mr. Serious: No.

#1 (simultaneously): Fat Chick. Fat Chick. Hahaha. Fat Chick. Teehee. Fat Chick.

Me (dying from laughter): It totally sounded like you said “fat chick.”

For the past couple days since this dinner conversation, every time something funny happens, or I don’t hear him, I just say “fat chick.” Hilarious!

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  1. haha…love it! And Izzy of course had to join in all the "fat chick" fun! 🙂

  2. Please get Izzy on video chanting "fat chick!" So funny!

  3. lol that's great! You have "Fat Chick" and I have "Steering Wheel" gotta love it.

  4. Omg I think I would've pottied my pants!! That's hilarious!! I'd love to hear Izzy say that! So cute!!

    Love, Mere

  5. I love that Izzy kept chanting "fat chick!" So funny!

  6. "…He tends to take one little snippet and over analyze it and tear it apart…"

    I had no idea that my husband was doing a radio talk show in your area! gah.

    (Fat Chick is hilarious!)

  7. i swear the same thing has happened in my house before…

  8. LOL!~………too funny! I love (and sometimes get frustrated) that toddlers pick those sorts of things to repeat!…….now you have a great inside joke!

  9. I love when those things happen! Now you have a VERY funny inside joke that Izzy is in on too! You definitely need to video her saying "fat chick"!

  10. Will you make Izzy say that when we play tomorrow? Actually, will she call her hippo a fat chick?

  11. Funnist story ever! I was dying over hear rading that! I can just imagine the 3 of you sitting around laughing and saying "fat chicks!"
    I agree with everyone else…please get that on video! lol (or maybe we shouldnt be condoning that!)

  12. So funny! I do that kind of stuff all the time…There was that Dixie Chicks song that says "She's 2 and he's 4." Well me being the bright person that I am thought it said, "She's 2 inches 4." Then Josh pointed out to me how small tha tactually was! I am such a dork!

  13. Ha Ha Ha, that is so funny!

  14. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Oh yeah, instant classic.

  15. Izzy chanting that would be hilarious!

    This totally sounds like something I would do with my husband. Or I spit out something that was not even close to what I meant to say. There's something wrong with my brain!

  16. I can totally see how you thought he said fat chick.

    Now everytime someone says fact check, you going to think fat chick. Haha!

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