The Simple Stencil Review and Giveaway**CLOSED


The Simple Stencil was started by mom-preneur Jennifer.

I am a stay at home working mom who developed my business slowly over the last 5 years when my son was born and I wanted to find a way to work at home. I had used the vinyl lettering personally in my home for years and decided to see if it appealed to others. I began by selling my items on eBay and quickly became a power seller. This year with the help of a web designer it has taken off. My products are a new and versatile way to add inspiration and decoration to your home or office without a lot of work.

The Simple Stencil has every type of vinyl lettering imaginable. You could get a monogram of your last name,
Something adorable for your child’s room,
Or something for your bedroom.
Each and every one of the vinyl wall hangings can be personalized with your choice of color, and some of them, your choice of size.

And, if you still don’t like what you see, there is the Design Center, where you can create your own logo, monogram or favorite quote.

The possibilities are endless.

Every stencil comes with a free word tester before you apply the one you purchased as well as an applicator.

The tester word I got was “welcome” which I decided to put on the front door.

It was super easy to put up. Tape it to the surface. Use the tape as a hinge so you can take the back off.

Fold it back over and apply it to the surface using the applicator or a credit card.
Peel the front off…

And, viola, you are finished.
Jennifer also sent this one that I picked out, which I love. I just haven’t committed to putting it up where I want it yet; I can’t decide where to put it (and if I want to paint first).

Win it:
One lucky Really, Are You Serious? reader will win any ONE vinyl lettering word art of their choice (up to $50) as well as the free tester word.

For your first entry? Head to The Simple Stencil and tell me your favorite (not pictured here). This is your first entry and is a must.

EXTRA ENTRIES – Please leave an additional comment for each extra entry!
— Subscribe to my blog/feed (orange heart).
— Favorite me on Technorati (green heart).
— Add my button to your blog and tell me where to find it.
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— Comment on any of any non-giveaway post. Comment here with the title of that post.

*Make sure I have a way to reach you, by either enabling your email through blogger, or leaving your email in the comment.
*Winners are chosen by, so make sure you leave individual comments, not all of them in one!
*Winner has 48 hours to contact me, or another winner will be chosen.
*contest ends Wednesday, June 24th, 9pm EST. Winner will be posted shortly after.
*open to US entries only.
*rules for each entry must be followed
to be valid.


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  1. How do I pick my favorite? I think I like the classis monogram the best! Maybe because it's a cursive E…that could have something to do with it. I love the idea of putting it in a baby's room.
    I need to hang up the one Theresa got me asap! Wish you could come help ma hang it straight.

  2. I love the classic monogram or the vintage monogram. I'm all about the monograms right now.

  3. I like the Good Food ~ Good Friends ~ Good Times. It would look good on my kitchen sofit.

  4. The Practice Random Acts one is great, but honestly there aren't may I don't like!! Thanks for the chance to win, I really need help with decorating

  5. I comment all the time, the last one was on an outing gone wrong. This giveaway rocks!!!

  6. MamabearMills says:

    my son would love the stairs silou…yup yup he would! and he'd like your chicken!!! hhahahahah

  7. MamabearMills says:

    got your button

  8. MamabearMills says:

    im in the kiss my face contest

  9. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    I like the "Cooking is like love…" quote. There are a lot of things there I really like. Also, I really like the web site and the way it is organized. It's easy to navigate!

  10. MamabearMills says:

    im in post it contest

  11. MamabearMills says:

    im in the totclock contest

  12. MamabearMills says:

    i made a comment on "I breathed them in"

  13. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    I subscribed via Google Reader.

  14. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    Faved you on Technorati (thebabblingbrooks)

  15. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    Entered the Post-It giveaway!!

  16. I don't have any use for these but they look terrific. I see similar things at Kohl's on occasion and am always tempted to buy them but idk where I'd put one 🙁 I love how you're always giving away things. You're an awesome blogger. I may treat myself to one of your blog makeovers for my b-day in July or sometime around there. I love your work!

    Love, Mere

  17. How do I pick my favorite..I love so many of them!
    I love the dots ecomomy pack for Landons room! So cute!

  18. I think I comment on pretty much every entry, but I know I commented on "an outing gone wrong"!!

  19. i'd have to with the custom one as i have a few favorite quotes of my own 😉

  20. OMG I really NEED this for my new mud room. I love the friends joy blessing. SOOOOOOO awesome.

  21. I subcribe to your posts, duh!

  22. I just stumbled your blog which is much better then technoarti, yo!

  23. These are gorgeous! My favorite would be "The most beautiful view is the view I share with you," though it would be so hard to choose. If I were you, I'd have one on every wall because I wouldn't be able to choose! lol

  24. I've seen this in a lot of homes and think it's very unique. I'm not sure if I could ever decide what to put where, so my favorite is the polka dots for the kids room. I would love to do something like that in Karys' room. Too cute!

  25. So cute! I like the Meet me in the garden one. I also like the monograms!

  26. What a great giveaway Krystyn! I love the Family…One of God's Masterpieces and Welcome – Guest & Friends

  27. Regular commenter…I think the last one was about your visit to the strawberry patch.

  28. These are simply gorgeous! I love the monogram for the bedroom. So pretty! My daughter has a bedroom set that looks just like the one in the pic.

  29. I LOVE THIS SITE!!! I think I would love to get the quote "Go confidently in the direction of your DREAMS". I think something like this would be so cute in Elisabeth's room.

  30. I already subscribe/follow.

    That is such cute stuff!!!

  31. Sparkette says:

    Lot's to decide on. But I like the Family God's Masterpiece. 🙂

  32. Sparkette says:

    I have your button in my scrolly thing on the left hand side of my page.

  33. Sparkette says:

    I subscribe to your feed (in google).

  34. Sparkette says:

    I did the Kissing Kids giveaway.

  35. How to choose?!? I LOVE the No hitting, no biting, etc… one. And I'd love to have Drop Your Drawers Here for my laundry room.

    So cute!!

  36. hmmm, it was hard to pick a favorite. I liked the simple one that just said Bienvinedos (and I think I spelled that wrong) and some of the ones for girly rooms.

  37. My fav is the white welcome sign for the front door, but since that is featured, my other fav would be the "children are a gift from the Lord" verse for the nursery. Thanks Krystyn! 🙂

  38. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    I love the one that says ALL BOY! It would looks so cute in my playroom!

  39. Complicated Mama says:

    The Drop Your Draws stencil is Hillarious …tho i dont know where I would put it.

    I love the "together we have it all one" also

  40. I love this stuff and have been wanting to put something up. I love the classic monogram.

  41. I think I need the Baby Flowers From Heaven for the little girl's nursery! : ) Such cute designs…

  42. You are one of my Technorati Favorites.

  43. I entered your tot clock giveaway.

  44. I entered your Kiss My Face Giveaway.

  45. I like the we made a wish and you came true for my daughters room!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  46. Melyni + Alma says:

    I love the monograms..probably the dot monogram is my favorite!!

  47. I honestly can't pick a fave. I love all the quotes for the living room, and the monograms. They're gorgeous!

  48. BrnEyedGal says:

    I like the *Live Laugh Love*… But, I that was really hard to decide…I found so many that I would use.
    ddavidpatrick at gmail dot com

  49. BrnEyedGal says:

    I subscribe via google reader too… 🙂

  50. BrnEyedGal says:

    I entered the Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit Puree Review and Giveaway.

  51. free indeed says:

    I'm sure I can find several to 'need' in my home. I may start out with 'enjoy' the definition.

  52. I love the "You are loved to the moon and back"! My hubby has been telling me that since we were dating, and now onto the kids!

  53. I like the musical theme pack.


  54. I love the Script Monogram! I'm getting married in September and this would be the perfect addition to our new home!
    ccgirie3 at yahoo dot com

  55. Christy Cain – I follow via my google reader
    ccgirlie3 at yahoo dot com

  56. The BAY DOT THEMEPACK is super cute!
    That would be my pick :0) I can see it now in my son's room, and it is fabulous.


  57. Anonymous says:

    My favorite Simple Stencil is "Be Still and Know that I Am God". When things get tough, just knowing that I don't have to be in charge is so reassuring! Someone else is in control – thankfully!
    Teri Larsen

  58. Anonymous says:

    I like several but one of my favorites is the Children Are A Blessing From The Lord… one.

    thesmithclan@stny.rr dot com

  59. I like the To Live Well is to Eat Well


    skyviewksh at yahoo dot com

  60. I love the "Don't forget to Wash your hands" ones 🙂

  61. Michelle Underwood says:

    Welcome to our home is my fav quote

  62. Michelle Underwood says:

    I subscribe to your blog via google reader

  63. Michelle Underwood says:

    Added you to my favs on technorati

  64. i love the once upon a time and simply adorable, so cute!

  65. i entered the girlybaby giveaway

  66. The best thing is the 50 custom colour poka dots – I have been looking for them everywhere!!

  67. I like the TV quote about picking up a book.

  68. I love the one that says your love is my light. Sun of all my mornings. Fire of all my nights.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    22luvroses22 (at)

  69. Briana Weir says:

    I like the classic monogram with a W, and also the fleur de lis tile. I hope I win!

  70. lindsey@junkstyle says:

    I love the monograms in the baby section with the baby's name underneath. SO cute!! Hope I win!

  71. lindsey@junkstyle says:

    I'm a follower!!!

    ok, I think I have now entered as many as I can! I love your site and that you are having a giveaway! Thanks so much 🙂

  72. Wow! Beautiful stuff! I had a tough time choosing, but I think that something for my girls' room would win: I like the one that says "I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me!"

    Thanks for the chance to enter. I hope I win!

  73. Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary says:

    I like the one titled "All BoY" This would look great in my little guys room.

    carrie ovard

  74. Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary says:

    I like the one titled "All BoY" This would look great in my little guys room.

    carrie ovard

  75. I like "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" – very cool!

  76. Satsuki Rebel says:

    I LOVE the love is precious, love is kind one!

  77. It is sooo hard to choose just one… but I like the quote about sisters being one heart.

  78. MNMSpecial says:

    I like the double circle monogram.

  79. MNMSpecial says:

    I commented on your Welcome Back!

  80. MNMSpecial says:

    I entered the beautiful baby headbands and flowers giveaway. I am so excited its blooming here!

  81. There is so many! I think I really like the No hitting, No biting and No Throwing Toys!


  82. I love the dot monogram and the vintage welcome!

  83. I love these! My fav is the monogram. I'd love one above my front door.

    mailto530 at yahoo dot com

  84. I love this kind of stuff. I had no idea that in addition to making blogs look so cute you knew how to do this too 🙂
    I would love to win, regardless I will be checking out your store 🙂

  85. kathy pease says:

    i like the Twas the night before Christmas

  86. Erin @ two more seconds says:

    I love that giant pack of polka dots! So cute!

  87. I would love to have a classic Monogram or the How do i love thee monogram!

  88. I found one that describes me:
    She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain. -Louisa May Alcott

  89. Jenn @ Beautiful Calling says:

    I would love the "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" for my friend right now who is execting baby number three and could use some encouragement right now.
    I don't reside in the USA but please consider my entry to be for her because she does and I would give it ot her.
    Sorry – long comment 🙂

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