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How did I do it?


The most stupefying thing happened this weekend. I had 3 errands to run at 3 different stores, and I didn’t spend a dime (if you don’t count the gas). In fact, I actually MADE money. Let me explain.

First stop: Verizon Wireless. I got hubby’s phone book and pictures transferred to his new phone (which also didn’t cost me a dime). Cost $0.

Second stop: Border’s Books. I was trying to buy hubby the newest book for his Bible Study. They didn’t have it. They couldn’t even special order it. Cost $0.

Third stop: Tar-jay…the mecca. I didn’t have a list. I resisted all temptations. And, I got a FREE $20 giftcard!! How, you ask? I got a little coupon for starting up a baby registry. Start one up (almost painless) and get $20! How fabulous! And, I was so excited that I didn’t even spend a single penny there. Don’t be jealous. Be happy for me. So, now I’ve got a baby registry with like 10 things on it, spent about 10 minutes there, and got paid $20. I don’t think you can beat that. Cost -$20.

And, an added bonus. I had quiet in the car, and at the store. I got to go all by myself. What more could a mommy ask for?


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  1. That sounds like the best day ever!! Sounds like you enjoyed the day. I could have never spent 0 bucks with three stops. Way to resist the temptation! Love love targe but dont have them here in Canada.

    To answer your question in your comment, hubby gets to count those extra hours as time owing. Meaning he can build them up and then use them to take off days or take off early. Its nice but kinda a pain at the same time.

  2. yay you!!

    isn’t it crazy how alone time in the car can make you so excited??

    who knew??

  3. WOW! thats pretty impressive! I dont think I have ever gone into Target and not spent a dime!! its near impossible!

  4. I am very impressed that you didnt spend anything!! I could never!
    Free money is always great…and to Target..woo hoo!!
    I just went yesterday with a friend to register for her, and she didnt get anything 🙁 I wont tell her 😉

  5. Oh, lucky!

    Your day sounded amazing!

    I had my husband with me at Target. Nowhere near as much fun as you had in your peace, quiet and $20 giftcard!

  6. whoo hoo!!! can’t beat a free 20 bucks to the best store ever! 🙂
    Did you spend it? or are your saving it?

  7. oh i also wanted to add that being alone in the car is one of the best things ever. I mean, I love my kid, but it really is great to listen to whatever radio station you want! BUT, the last time i was alone in the car….i was enjoying my radio blarring so loud so much that i got pulled over for going 51 in a 30!!! whoops! i got away with a warning. yes!

  8. Wow you are GOOD! I just got back from Target and I spent…*gulp* NINETY DOLLARS!!!

  9. I am most jealous of the quiet car ride and time alone in the store 🙂 I just got back from grocery shopping, let’s just say I’m exhausted!

  10. amazing…. even after getting $20 free you weren’t tempted to spend it….amazing

    Good for you!

  11. great job!!

    free money will alway “buy” the best prizes….he…he..

  12. Wow! Way to go!! That never happens to me. I can’t go to Target or Costco without spending a small fortune! Impressive, truly.

  13. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    WOW. I’m very impressed. You sure know how to shop…wonder if I should come and learn from you?

  14. congrats… thinking the quiet might have been your favorite part… thanks for my new look…

  15. you got me thinking about going to Tar-jay, and signing up for the baby registry even though mine are like 9 and 12 now… is that wrong?



  16. Do you think they’ll let me start a registry for a 15-month old? It could work, right?

    p.s. you’re awesome.

  17. Oh the quiet in the car AND at the store! I am jealous just thinking about it!!

    Glad you got the $20 for starting the registry.

    Do you think they would think I am pregnant if I think I have gained some weight do to my amish baked goods eating while in Indiana?? Maybe I could score $20??

    Na, I would be too depressed if they thought I qualified! 🙂

  18. Yeah you pretty much can’t beat getting paid to shop – sounds like an excellent day to me!

  19. I am so going shopping with you next time!
    Where can I get a “rent a baby”?
    I need one to get my $20 gift card…um, I mean to register for a friend.

  20. Awesome! Maybe I’ll just pretend I’m pg so that I can open a registry and get paid 😉

  21. Seriously, you are amazing! How can you go into Target and spend NOTHING! I was sure it couldn’t be done.

  22. I wish I ended up $20 richer after running my errands.

  23. formercitygirl says:

    I’m jealous, in a good way! Target, gift card, quiet. It really doesn’t get better than that.
    happy pow.

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