Are you an opinionated mom?


Are you a mom? Are you opinionated (I don’t know many moms that aren’t)? Are you in Atlanta? (If not read below, if so, keep reading). Focus Pointe Global currently looking for opinionated moms in the Atlanta area to participate in a paid focus group and taste test taking place in Buckhead in mid-August. You could earn $75-145 for trying a new product and telling us about the snacks you serve your kids!

Kid Snacking

Focus Pointe Global has recruited me to help find more participants. To see if you qualify, please take the pre-screener ASAP. If you’re not an FPG panel member yet, you can create an account in just a few moments before proceeding to the screener. Once you’ve joined, you can opt to receive emails about other paid opportunities in your area!

If you don’t live in Atlanta, there are plenty of studies coming up in NYC, NJ, Philly, Dallas, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco, too! Plus FPG’s online communities and telephone-based interviews are open to moms throughout the United States.

Post sponsored by Focus Pointe Global.

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  1. Glad to see NJ is on the list. I’m definitely an opinionated mom!

  2. I LOVE doing group research studies like that. Too bad I’m not in Atlanta, but if they need an opinionated mom in Dallas, I’m your girl. 😉

  3. Yes, I’m definitely opinionated! I live close to NJ, I’ll have to check it out!

  4. I’m not in the area but have friends who are! I’ll have to pass on this info to them.

  5. I have done a few studies with them over the past several years. Thanks for the info.

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