I’ve gone Shoe Crazy #MyVictory


This Sunday evening, I hosted an event at Famous Footwear in the East Cobb Avenues. Several awesome Atlanta area bloggers joined me to check out all of their back to school shoes.

Famous Footwear #MyVictory

And, not just shoes for the kiddos, but shoes for the entire family. Because yes, mom and dad need new shoes, too (even if we often won’t buy them for ourselves!)  According to Kelly Malone, Director of PR at Famous Footwear, here is what to look out for when preparing for the back-to-school season, whether it’s for the kids or mom and dad too! With BOGO going on right now, it’s the perfect time to shop for a style that matches each of our trends!


  • Color is king with astro-bright colors and patterns! (Check out my bright Tennis shoes above. I think they definitely meet this fashion statement!)
  • Multi-layered styles and nautical styles with a twist!
  • Greys, blacks, metallic and taupe rule the season (I picked up some pewter/grey ballet flats, too).
  • Lace-up boots and booties kick in

Kids Shoes:

  • Animal prints and sequins!
  • Boys are loving the classic mid-top
  • Athletics get colorized with cool blue and nuclear green

Famous Footwear #MyVictory

The store manager explained to us the BOGO 1/2 off special at Famous Footwear. In addition to regularly priced shoes buy one, get one half off, the clearance shoes were also eligible. Most store don’t do that. There were fabulous clearance shoes at great prices. Some people were able to get two pairs of name brand shoes for just over $25! Also, you can actually save your receipt and come back to get the other shoes later, and get them at half off. This year they are offering backpacks and socks in the BOGO sale!!

Famous Footwear #MyVictory

They are all about the #MyVictory. What will you achieve with your new shoes? What victory did you score with the deal you got? 

Famous Footwear #MyVictory

During the event, there were also some great raffle prizes. Included in that, a Shoe Crazy event. Two other bloggers (@ClassicMommy and @MacKidStephanie) as well as myself were given the chance to get as many shoes as we could in 30 seconds. (We had to start at the table, run get the shoes, and bring them back to the table one at a time). 

Check out this video by Meghan with all three of our shoe crazy “shops!”

What was amazing was that the total of all three of our Shoe Crazy events was $784. This money was then donated by Famous Footwear to Lift Up Atlanta to help local families and children purchase their back to school supplies.

Famous Footwear #MyVictory

A couple other fun facts about Famous Footwear:

  • Several brands makes certain style shoes just for their store. You won’t find them anywhere else. 
  • Carlos Santana also carry shoes just for Famous Footwear. 
  • Famous Footwear offers brand names at affordable prices and an easy experience for moms to come in and get shoes for the entire family
  • Famous Footwear offers a FREE Rewards Program
    • You can earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store or online 
    • Accumulate points to earn certificates (up to $100 a year) 
    • Get a special discount offer just for signing up (we like discounts!)
    • Other special inside discounts and perks throughout the year

It was nice learning about the great deals and ways that Famous Footwear helps moms get their school shopping done so easily. And, of course, to be able to spend it in good company, too!

You can find Famous Footwear on twitter, facebook and instagram. Check out the hashtag #MyVictory, or use it next time you are in the store.

I received a pair of shoes and a gift card to organize the event. I also participated in the Shoe Crazy event. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Famous Footwear is my favorite place to buy shoes! In fact, we were just there this past weekend and bought our girls Converse… to match the 5 pairs I have from there! 🙂

  2. Sabrina Radke says:

    Very awesome! Definitely looks like something my nieces would LOVE!

  3. A party in a shoe store? That sound like fun, as fun are your tennis shoes, I need a pair like those. I will be looking for back to school shoes for my kids and I will stop by for sure!

  4. My son is in desperate need of a few more pair of shoes. I’ll have to check out the styles they carry. Perfect for back-to-school prep!

    1. It was way cool! And, inspired me to donate a bunch of shoes from my closet that I didn’t need. Not quite minimalistic, but much closer.

  5. We love Famous Footwear, but I can’t pretend to have any interest in fluorescent shoes. They were great when I was 8 and it was 1984, but they just aren’t doing it for me now 🙂
    I had no idea you could save your receipt and come back for the other stuff later. That’s great info. Thanks!

    1. I like that they are tennis shoes…no other shoes could be like that for me:)

  6. looks like yall had a fun time 🙂
    way to go on the donation !!!!

  7. Wow that looks like it was alot fun!

  8. This sounds like it was a great event!! I’m loving the many options!!

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