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We’ve started back to school here and it’s definitely a different time for our teachers. Having been a teacher, I can’t imagine pivoting and shifting to virtual learning the way the teachers have here. I know they’ve been worked extra hard and are putting in double-triple overtime. And I know there are so many frustrations with virtual learning, making sure kids have what they need, keeping them engaged and all of the regular teacher worries. All that to say, I feel like it’s challenging figuring out how to show teachers appreciation while virtual learning, but I wanted to make sure we did it. We did a couple of these in the spring and will continue to sprinkle them throughout the year. 

teacher appreciation ideas

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For right now, we can’t just bring an apple to the teacher, at least without some careful planning. We can’t just send in extra school supplies or a little goodie or treat bag. It’s time for a little more creativity. And honestly, I probably should have been doing more of this in the past 14 years!

10 ways to show teacher appreciation while virtual learning

  1. Send an email– depending on the age of your child, you can send an email from you, the parent, on behalf of your child, or your child can send one directly. You have no idea how uplifting it is to receive even a 2-3 line email saying thank you and maybe even with specific examples. It goes such a long way.
  2. Draw picture and scan it – Teacher walls, especially the elementary age always have art up on their walls. It’s harder to get them to school, but you could scan a drawing and email it to the teachers. You could also drop it off at the school, or mail it…plus that’s good practice for addressing an envelope. 
  3. Send a thank you card – Yep, get out a pen or pencil and piece of paper or card and write a real note. I’ve even got some thank you card tips or note cards you can print out and use. Once again, you can also practice addressing an envelope! tips for writing thank you cards
  4. Send a text message – Just last week, I reached out to a previous teacher of one of our kids to thank him for teaching history…real history to our then 4th grader. She has such a better understanding of things that I wasn’t even taught in school. With this crazy time, I thought it might be good to remind him that parent appreciate what he does even if it goes beyond the standards.
  5. Ask for their amazon wish list – Teachers always have classroom wish lists. If it’s in your budget, as them for their wish list and buy a thing or two off of it. The nice thing about wish lists is teachers don’t have to provide their home address (to you), but amazon still ships to them. I know they are buying things for classrooms that they typically wouldn’t buy right now. 
  6. Send an e-gift card – Sending a $5 Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chick-fil-A or whatever is near to you is a nice way to say thank you and also send a little treat. Even if they don’t like coffee, most places have something that they will enjoy. Of course, if you know their favorite place, definitely do that..but e-cards are so easy to send without sending germs. 
  7. Drop off a small gift at school – If your teachers are in the building, you could try to drop off a small gift or card at the school. It will of course depend on your county and the school rules, etc, but it might be an option for you.
  8. Send a video message – Over the spring and summer, we exchanged video messages to teacher. You can send them several ways (we sent them as text and facebook messages). It’s not quite as in your face as a facetime or live call, but my kids really appreciated seeing their teacher’s faces. Thank you for teachers virtually
  9. Chalk the school – Much like we chalked our neighborhood this summer, you can take some sidewalk chalk up to the school and write encouraging notes to the faculty and staff of the school. Until it rains or is worn off, teachers will see the notes whenever the enter and leave the building. chalking neighbors driveways
  10. Nominate them Juicy Juice 100% Thankful Teacher Contest (#100Thankful)- As we head back to school this year, we want to thank teachers who give 100% in and out of the classroom. Nominate your child’s teacher through August 31! Over $30,000 available in prizes!! You can nominate up to 3 teachers. 

Staying hydrated while saying thanks

Staying hydrated while virtual learning and thanking teachers is important. We like Juicy Juice, a great choice for back to school. It has no added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, and is an excellent source of Vitamin C for busy back to school days. It also provides one cup of fruit in every 8 oz serving.

How will you thank your teachers this year?

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  1. What fun ideas for personal outreaches!

  2. These are wonderful ideas! Sending an e-gift card is a fantastic way to boost a teacher’s spirits.

    A short video message is a wonderful way to show a teacher you appreciate them

  3. Riya Bose says:

    Even I am at a learning stage of how to execute Virtual learning – the right way! Your article helps a lot.. thank you so much for this post…

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