Bringing our littlest big girl to the table


E has been at the table, as much as allowed by a space saving booster seat that sat on top of one of our kitchen chairs. It was great and served it’s purpose. But, we couldn’t pull it up to the table. So, she wasn’t really sitting at the table. Her plate wasn’t on the table and I don’t think she felt like she was sitting with the family.

It got to where she was wanting to get up immediately and getting feisty. Around that same time, we were sent a Bumbo Booster Seat to review. I popped it on our kitchen chair (with the straps around the base of the seat and the back of the seat…it’s not going anywhere), and buckled her in her three-point harness. And devoured her spaghetti.

Bumbo booster seat

The next time she came into the kitchen, she walked up to the booster seat and said “sit seat.” I definitely think it was a win. In true third child fashion, she also thinks she’s such a big kid that she can climb into the seat by herself and then asks to be buckled in. (I don’t endorse this kind of behavior. Fortunately, she hasn’t been hurt!)

And, she sure enjoys helping herself to some green beans that I accidentally left on the table after opening. “I’ll take care of things momma. I got this!”

Bumbo booster seat

This booster seat has really helped her feel more a part of the family at all meals. Even when she’s unimpressed baby. 

Bumbo booster seat

And, allows her to be able to practice with her utensils more because she’s at a better height to use them at the table.

Bumbo booster seat

Bumbo Booster Seat Blue Side

The seat is very soft and super light-weight. It’s also amazingly easy to clean. You can pretty much wipe it all down as there are no little cracks for food to get stuck in.

Did you know, when you make a BUMBO purchase, it helps children in need? Check out the #BumboCares program for more information.

You can find Bumbo on Facebook and on twitter

Bumbo would like to give one reader their own Bumbo Booster to bring their toddler to the table. Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Please note, this giveaway is only open to US shipping addresses.

Want another chance to win? Head over to JaMonkey and enter the giveaway there as well.

*I received a booster seat to facilitate my review. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. How cool is that Bumbo? That’s awesome! I love that food can’t go under the seat like the booster seat we always used for Grace. Unfortunately, I don’t have a use for booster seats anymore. 🙁

    Little Miss E is growing up so fast! She looks absolutely adorable in her big girl seat! 🙂

    1. Tell me about it…way too fast!

      I think I will cry the day there are no more booster seats around here:)

  2. Grammy Lura says:

    She is such a doll…. Hugs

  3. So cute to be able to sit up and eat with the big people as my daughter use to say. I need one of these for her she kneels at the table now to reach it this would help her a lot.

    1. Yes, this would definitely help. My 5 year old and 7 year old fit it in too, but they are “too big” as they say to actually sit in it.

  4. I would go with the green even though this one would be for our second little girl, our Grandson is due in January and he could use it next. We actually had to replace a lot of things because we had 2 girls first so everything is pink and we’re sure not strolling a little boy around in a Pink stroller! Now we are wishing we would have went with neutral or wither gender colors!

    1. We went non- gendered with our first two for everything (we didn’t find out), so with #3, I went a little extra girly because we found out. Then again, we still have a lot of blue and green around here.

  5. Wish I still had my little one in a seat with a belt – keep her there as long as possible that way they can’t leave the table and won’t try to!! HOpefully!

    1. Oh, don’t you know it…and she’s staying in a crib until she’s like 50!

  6. We have a little booster that sits on one of the kitchen chairs. And of course our daughter loves to climb into it all by herself. I am always right there, cringing the entire time.

  7. Charlotte Webber says:

    Very functional – a great design idea for every Mother who has a child that loves to sit at the table like a big girl! I’m a germ freak so the fact that it has no hidden nooks & crannies is definitely a thumbs up in my book 🙂

  8. I’d pick the blue seat.

  9. Wow!! This sounds like an awesome product. Great for little ones to eat comfortably. E definitely looks like she is enjoying herself.

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