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Grocery shopping at the store for a family of 6 is usually at least 1.5 hours. Usually those 1.5 hours come our of our weekend and we often don’t have them. Even worse is when mom and/or dad is sick and the kids still want to eat. Thankfully, you can actually grocery shop from your couch or even your bed at whatever time you’d like. In Atlanta, ColdLife Organics, Atlanta’s premier organics grocer, has expanded its offerings and adopted a new identity – Elephant Grocers.

elephant grocers

I was gifted a gift card to test out Elephant Grocers for the sake of this review. All thoughts are my own.

Elephant Grocers is now offering more than 2500 items including specialty and traditional groceries. In addition to organics to meet the needs of its customers the new offerings include delicious prepared foods from the Elephant Grocers’ kitchen, farm fresh meats & cheeses, local artisan items like soaps and lotions, and even household products like Coca-Cola, Bounty, Windex, and Tide.

A couple weeks ago, I placed my order one afternoon in about 20 minutes (after making my list). I used both the search feature and category to find what we needed. There were a couple items they didn’t have in stock, but for the most part, we got everything we needed for the week. And, using code TRUCK, we received 25% off our first order, brining it to just over $100! We were even able to get things we don’t normally get like gluten free bread and locally made bread.

The best part? Our order arrived to our front porch the next day.

Boxes at home | Elephant Grocers

Everything was carefully packaged and was able to sit for a while on the porch without getting hot. We didn’t know our order had been delivered and we were actually home.

Elephant Grocers Delivery Atlanta

So much of the produce was locally grown and organic. They also have Elephant Specials and deals every week marking things down even more!

Of course, the groceries are a little more expensive than our usual trip, but time is money and we didn’t have to leave the house, so I call that a win!

Thank you to Danielle at Mamademics for sharing her grocery pictures. Ours looked very similar, but I had the flu and Mr. Serious didn’t know to take any pictures and lovingly put everything away!

Have you ever shopped for groceries from home?


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  1. I’m excited to try this service. I do most of the grocery shopping. The husband just gets his treats and unique food items.
    But this time I’ll let him order from Elephant Grocers and see how he does.
    Hope you’re all feeling better!

  2. I’ve never shopped for groceries from home, I’m one of a few odd birds that like going to the grocery store. I think Elephant Grocers would be a great option for my in-laws. They are getting up in age and as the weather grow more unpredictable this winter I worry about them having to go out shopping. Grocery delivery is a wonderful option especially when they can get such beautiful fresh produce and local goods.

  3. There’s a reason Amazon is so huge now. People realize the value of time. I love anything that I an order online! Will check this out.

  4. Smash Attack says:

    I can’t get the hubs to try this!

    1. Oh, you totally should. Maybe set up an account and fill your cart and do it. They deliver the next day! And, you get 25% off your first order which is huge! Perfect to try it out.

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