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We are going into our school holiday break with a bang! Saturday we went to a party and then Mr. Serious and I had a dinner date for our 11th anniversary! Sunday we went to see Marvel Universe Live.

Mr. Serious maneuvered us around downtown and had us park at his work lot (woohoo saving $20), so we had a bit of a hike into the arena. The older two put on their best walking shoes and the younger two got rides.

Daddy babywearing with lillebaby

Poor B was so very tired at this point, but she pushed through and danced and jammed to the show.

babywearing with lillebaby usie

We had great seats like 4 rows up. Which was perfect because we could see everything. But, there were quite a few explosions leaving us all jumping in our seats. They weren’t incredibly loud, just startling.

Marvel Univese Live

The show was full of fun stunts and of course a story line. N kept saying how awesome the motorcycle stunts were and really enjoyed that part.

Marvel Universe Live

Check if Marvel Universe Live is coming near you. Yes, girls can enjoy it, too!

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(We were provided tickets. All thoughts are 100% our own!)

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  1. What a fun start to Christmas break! I wonder if Logan is old enough to enjoy stuff like that? She did LOVE Blue Man Group in Orlando. We won’t know until we try taking her.

  2. Wow! Such fun! That is a great way to begin a school break!

  3. Man! This sounds like a great show. I hope it comes back next year so I can take my kids to see it.

  4. nicole dziedzic says:

    What a fun thing to see live with the kids, we love Marvel too! My son would be the most excited to see this. Very cool!

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