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We are already starting week three of the summer. The older three have been in camp for the morning and then during nap time, the bigs and I try to do something together that isn’t technology or television related (admittedly, there is still a lot of that going on!)

The girls have great imaginations and require a lot of space for creative outlets. At least that’s what I tell myself when they go through a ream of paper, roll of tape, destroy yet another stapler and hang illustrations on every vertical surface in my house. In a week. Please tell me this is normal.

Building with my girl | Mommy and Me Monday

We spent some time building a YOXO DOON. We powered through a little frustration because the directions were only pictures (I guess we shouldn’t let her buy anything from IKEA) and got to work.

Building with my girl | Mommy and Me Monday

We started with the axels and moved through to the body of the doon.

Building with my girl | Mommy and Me Monday

The most important part is that we were spending time doing something together with a common goal.

Building with my girl | Mommy and Me Monday

Thank you to YOXO® (yock-so) for sending a gift card to check them out. It is the sustainable, recyclable, made-in-the-USA, invent-everything-you-can-imagine toy company that’s now available at your local Target and specialty toy retailers. YOXO creative construction kits use interchangeable chipboard connectors in Y, O, and X shapes to construct infinite creations, including the YOXO Heroes.

What fun did you have this week?

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  1. Red is so into building crafts at home lately. We got a package of paper bag monsters for his birthday, and I’m trying to stretch them out.

  2. We’d be broke if we didn’t get free after rebate paper at Staples all the time.

    1. I need to pay attention to their ads. We need some free paper!

      1. You can get some $0.01 reams this week. Print the coupon here: . The coupon is one per customer, but the rebate is four per household so you can get four if you do separate transactions (print one coupon for each ream).

        A ream of Staples multipurpose paper is $7.79. The coupon takes off $2.99. You pay $4.80 out of pocket. Submit for $4.79 rebate. Staples rebates are really easy and reliable. You can submit them online so you there’s no postage cost.

        Nominally this is $0.01 ream, but you pay tax on the $4.80 so it’s actually more like a $0.34 ream.

  3. So neat! Maybe she needs to watch that show Battle Bots. It’s on NBC or ABC starting in a few weeks. I think she would like it, I just don’t know if the language is ok for her? But I would think it is.

    1. Maybe we’ll check it out, first? I feel like there was something similar on the Discovery Channel at one point?

  4. This is super cool – we are building away over here too. By the end of the summer we will have all sorts of monsters, creatures, robots crafted and ready for war.

    1. We have to regularly purge all of the products! They are “stuff” making machines!

    1. Yes…but we go back at the very beginning of August! You probably don’t start back until September, right?

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