Packing cloth diapers for a caregiver/daycare


When my oldest two girls went to daycare, I brought in a pack of diapers every week or so. Then, they would let me know when they were running low, and I’d bring more in, never to see them again.

But with E and using cloth diapers. I had to figure out a different plan. She goes to mother’s morning out two days a week at our church. I first checked to make sure they were okay with using them, and then had to figure out how to make it super easy on them, so that they didn’t get upset about it. 

Give them a tutoring session

Bring the diapers in before the first day and go over how to put them on your kiddo. Also, try to make sure to bring the same diapers/brand/style every day. One time, I was out of the preferred diapers and it threw them for a loop and we had some leaks.

Tips for  Packing Cloth Diapers for a Caregiver

Use a wet/dry bag

One of the easiest things is to make sure everything is all in one place. I was sent to test out and have been using a Bumkins Wet & Dry bag to keep everything together. Both the front and main compartments are waterproof, which keeps everything separate, wet and dry items, as well as clean and dirty. It also has a snap handle that I use for either hanging off the side of her school bag or carrying into school.

In the front zipper closure, I place the clean and dry diapers (along with wipes if they will use cloth). Then, they place the soiled diapers in the larger back zippered compartment.  The unique fabric keeps stains and odors out.

When I get home, I remove the clean diapers if there are any left, and dump the soiled diapers along with the bag into the washing machine. I then allow it to hang dry.

Use flushable liners

We don’t really use flushable liners at home, but it really helps the providers deal with the poop. They can just pull the liner out with the poop and put it in the toilet and flush. This way, there isn’t a diaper with poop in their bag and they don’t have to try to get it off the diaper. I think this really makes the caregivers that are used to disposables more agreeable to using cloth!

At home, the laundry bag is great for two days worth of diapers. I don’t think 2 days worth for a newborn would fit, but at 6-7 diapers per day now, it works for two days.

Bumkins wetbags

It also has a shapable handle, so it can be hung from anything you can wrap the strap around. This is hanging on our laundry room door and it’s holding about 1.5 days worth of tiny 2 month old’s diapers (my niece visiting).

Bumkins wetbags

Both the wet bag and the wet/dry bag dry in about 24 hours in our laundry room. 

*I was sent the bags to facilitate my review. All thoughts are my own.

How do you pack cloth diapers for your caregiver? Any tips or tricks you would add to make it even easier?

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  1. Great points! S doesn’t go to daycare, so I just put him on disposables when my SIL watches him for date nights.

    1. Really…when we have family, I’m like, these are the diapers you use:) Nobody has complained:)

  2. I’m excited to try cloth diapering with baby #2 once he is here! I just hope the other caregiver (my mom) will be willing to learn how to use them. Right now, she doesn’t seem to interested in learning though…

    1. Don’t give her another choice:) And really with Applecheeks, if you prestuff them for her, it’s just like a disposable.

  3. Your suggestions are great! The wet/dry bag is very clever.

    1. It’s also great for wet clothes, like swim suits, etc.

  4. I love these bags!! I’m considering switching to cloth once my daughter gets a little bit older and this would be perfect to send to daycare with her!!

  5. I never did end up trying cloth diapers, but I admire your commitment to using them and helping your caregiver use them, too.

    1. Wetbags are still really handy…we’ve used them for wet swimsuits and dirty clothes bags, too:)

  6. This is very helpful! What cute products. I’ve pinned for later use. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I was so excited to find a daycare that would let us bring cloth diapers; so many places now refuse to do it either because they take they take more time (which is totally false) or are less “clean” that disposables.

    1. Such a joke, right? It’s not like we are asking them to launder them. Glad you found one!

  8. This just makes me really, really happy that I don’t have to worry about diapers anymore. At least these bags are pretty cute!

    1. You know, the bags are still great for wet swimsuits on vacation, too!

  9. When my son was younger and we used cloth diapers I’d always have to explain to my mother-in-law how to use them and how NOT to wash them. Great post.

    1. Oh yes, nobody else is allowed to wash ours…and I have a typed up google document for my husband when I went out of town for him to wash them:)

  10. I only used disposables when my daughter was younger. This looks like a good option.

  11. I never used cloth diapers, but I adore that owl bag. I could so use that for swimsuits during swim lessons!

    1. Yes, exactly…the wet bag comes in very handy..even if you don’t cloth diaper!

  12. You make cloth diapering just as easy as using disposables.

  13. Great pointers here for sure. I don’t have any kiddo’s so I don’t have a daycare provider but liked your post!

  14. we also CD’d and my daughter went to grandma’s. I only used pockets for the time she went there and didn’t ask them to remove the inserts. I sent enough diapers for the day and a wet bag. It worked out well!

    1. That’s definitely the way to do it! It’s hard for them to argue with that.

  15. Awesome tips for those mamas who want to use cloth diapers but afraid of what may happen at the daycare/babysitters. Thank you for sharing!!

  16. I dont have a baby but i do know several people who are cloth diapering and I will share this

  17. These are wonderful ideas, I have a friend that I need to share this with!

  18. These are great tips! I stay at home so luckily haven’t had to worry about it but I do let the grandparents use flushable liners!

    1. We just have our two mornings a week so I can do a little work:) And of course, Sunday mornings at church.

  19. When I was CD’ing for my daughter, I packed ready to go stuffed diapers and all they had to do was throw them into the wet bag. I also made sure to chose diapers that resembled throw away diapers as much as possible.

    1. Definitely important to have them prestuffed and the most similar to disposables!

  20. I pack stuffed diapers and any h/l I own. Freetimes are the easiest to use by BumGenius I have found.

  21. When I have kids, I intend to use cloth diapers. The amount of money saved on diapers alone must be ridiculous! These are great tips- especially the wet/dry bag.

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