An outing gone wrong


I promise this blog won’t become only about my recent SAHM gig, but trust me, you’ll definitely love this one.

While the girls were napping, I was chatting with amanda on gchat. I was trying to figure out what to do when it dawned on me that I needed to go to Party City. She encouraged me to go with the girls despite the rain and my PJs (which I changed out of even though she said it was acceptable).

This is what I sent her after I got home. Posted with permission, of course.

I was totally cursing your name today.

Went to Party City in the pouring rain…no problem.

Get to party city, unbuckled #1 and told her to walk to the other side of the car (inside so she doesn’t get wet).

Get to #2’s side of the car. I smelled an all to familiar smell.

Shoot. Oh, maybe I should say Crap!


As I lifted her out of the seat, I noticed a dollop of poop on her leg. The front of her leg. Poop does not belong on legs!

It was all over the seat, her paci, her clothes, everywhere.

So, I stood in the doorway of the minivan with water pouring down my back wiping poop off of everything.

I was there at least five minutes. And, then, I couldn’t find an outfit.

Did I give up? No.

Outfit found. 3-6 months (she’s wearing 9-12 months). I made it work.

Dressed her, got her in the stroller, grabbed #1 and the umbrella and we were off.

Did I mention I was standing in the rain? My hair and my clothes were soaked. I’m pretty sure they thought I swam to Party City once I was inside.

I kindly made my purchase (after visiting the potty with #1 because all new potties must be visited) and headed home; where I immediately disrobed and threw my soaking wet clothes off!

And, I could only think of you telling me that #1 wouldn’t mind getting wet!

Love ya, for real!

Do you think we should still be friends?

Yeah, okay, me, too! (I bet you didn’t think you could use 3 commas in a sentence with 4 words…it might not be correct, but it’s me)!

**edited to add: This happened again the very next day. I kid you not. At least there wasn’t any on her legs or the carseat, though. And, it wasn’t raining. I texted amanda to let her know. She told me I was grounded!

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  1. Oh you poor, Mama! Hope today is MUCH better. 😉

  2. WOW…not looking to good for your record this summer! lol
    Thanks for sharing! That was too funny! (not at the time of course!)

  3. Poor thing!! Why do things haappen at the absolute worst times?!

    Hopefully no more diaper bombs will occur 🙂

  4. Oh no! Go figure. That always happens at the worst possible time. Ugh.

  5. Oh no!………Okay, so this demonstrates the down side to staying at home!
    Good for you to stick it out………I think it's all a part of getting your mommy sea legs!

  6. LMAO! I totally would have just gotten back in the car, gone through a drive through to get french fries to pacify the child the child that didn't get to go to Party City and gone home!
    Hmmm…maybe you should add some
    extra bananas to Nat's diet!

  7. That does not sound fun @ all. Thankfully I have only experienced the over-peed diaper into the carseat. That was bad enough. I hope I don't experience the poopage ever!!

  8. so here's a thought…maybe if you would have stayed IN the pjs none of this would have happened??

    i tease, i tease 🙂

    but seriously you are grounded for awhile….

  9. Haha I can relate. Went in the hot tub on vacation and my friend picked up an "olive" from someone's martini. The problem was we all had our olives and the little kids were in the hot tub before us… left a nice little present. She was disinfecting her hand for days 😛

  10. these are the life stories that will make you laugh the hardest in years to come…

  11. Sparkette says:

    Sorry but I am totally laughing. I can't help it! Goodness! But you know what, once Sparky and I get married and we have more kids. You can laugh at me too!

  12. Yuck! What did Iz do while you were cleaning Nats? I bet she sure is glad she is potty trained!

  13. Oh, you poor thing! I hate those desperate-feeling moments of motherhood. You just wanna stop and cry, but you can't. You did well!

  14. That stinks, literally. Major points for the determination to go inside…I would have turned around and gone home. You go girl.

    I changed 8 poopy diapers today which I thought was pretty bad, but now I'm thankful that they were contained. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  15. Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous says:

    Certainly can happen, and has, to the best of moms!

  16. We have had two blowouts in two days too. What the H is going on?

  17. Oh, those little-baby poosplosions! Not looking forward to those when the baby arrives….

    I hope you at least got what you wanted at the store.

  18. My sister calls that a poo-splosion. Those things are crazy!

  19. OMG, as bad as that sounds, it really is kinda funny! At least it is as long as it doesn't happen to me–ever again!!

  20. OMG I feel horrible for laughing but what a story! I'm so sorry about your crap-tastic day (but I'm loving your stories as a SAHM)!

  21. ~*~ Melissa ~*~ says:

    Oh no, that would suck! I just wanted to say your blog is great! And my son was born on 10/14 too 🙂

  22. WHAT are you feeding that child? hee hee… Hope she stayed clean today!

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