When it’s perfectly acceptable to cry over spilled milk.


And it’s happened twice in the past week.

The first time, I was sitting at my pump minding my own business when a sneaky, devilish little two year old happens upon a bottle of fresh while gold…which she proceeded to dump right onto the floor. Precious white gold. Gone. Like that. The tears were starting to come.

The second time I was getting #2’s bottles ready for daycare. I had all of the white gold on the counter ready to transfer. Every so gently, I bumped a bottle. The lid wasn’t on. White gold all over my kitchen counter and floor. To which that same little two year old said “mommy spill #2’s milk. Mommy make a mess. Mommy clean it up!” Thanks kiddo.

So, I say I’m allowed to cry over 12 ounces of lost white gold, right?

Also, why does my daughter keep thinking her shirts are hungry? That is the only explanation I can come up with. Her clothes are filthy when she gets home. I guess she is feeding her shirt some lunch.
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  1. Oh I use to cry too. All that work and it was just gone. I split a few times during the 11 months I pumped and I would get so ticked when it happened. The hubs never understood he would say just pump some more…men!

  2. Oh no…that is no good!
    She literally cracks me up..I can just see her looking at you like you were in trouble!
    Hope you dont spill any more gold anytime soon!!
    When does that dang contest end..I’m ready to win me some cake!! lol

  3. Definetly okay to cry over spilt (is that a word?) white gold!

    Izzy is one smart girl 🙂 haha

  4. White gold. It can only truly be appreciated by the maker and the receiver who value it at its real worth: priceless.


  5. Can’t say “I’ve been there, done that”, but it doesn’t surprise me that you would want to cry. It probably is like gold! Oh the day that I [hopefully won’t] get to cry over spilled milk…

  6. oh i have so been there friend.

    the hubby thought i was truly off my rocker when he found me on the floor crying.

    if only they knew!

  7. I have been on the verge of tears this week with my school kids… its like they have totally forgotten how to act since break!

    I think it is perfectly acceptable to cry…. especially when the prize is GONE and it was within reach!!

  8. HAHA, I think it is hilarious that you call it white gold!! that sucks that you spilt it 🙁 but kinda cute that Izzy told you that you have to clean it up!!!

  9. YOU are so allowed to cry over white gold! Native two drank what we called platinum because it was a special formula for all his food allergies it was 50.00 a can that lasted us about two days if we were lucky. I wanted every ounce sucked up out of his bottle and if I spilled any…well just imagine that. SO yes my Dear Friend…cry and I understand…and loved this post!

  10. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Hellzyeah, that liquid gold is your ticket to freedom so you are certainly allowed!!

  11. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I used to refer to it as liquid gold also!! I once left 900 ounces of frozen liquid gold in an apartment freezer during a move.

  12. Oh sweetie! I’m so sorry!!

    Yowza, yep for that, it is completely ok to cry!!!

  13. OMG!!! I cried for you just reading this post. That’s the worst. Good thing Izzy’s so dang cute or she’d be in major trouble! =)

  14. It has been over four years since I pumped and I can still remember the heart break. The worst was the entire days worth of milk, four whole bottles, that I forgot to put in the fridge one night and had to pour down the drain.

  15. Yes…perfectly fine to cry over!
    So sorry about that.
    I never had much time for pumping…my babies were always eating!!!
    Did someone say cake?
    Going to check out your contest.

  16. I remember crying on a Monday morning when I realized that I left all of Friday’s pumping in the un-refridgerated bag.

    I’ve been there too, stinks a lot.

  17. I would cry too!!

    I cried when I realized that I was done nursing and there was a freezer full of unused white gold. We had to throw it away…..it was so sad.

    Good luck on the clothes issue…Chandler’s are the same!! Drives me crazy!!

  18. Yes you can totally cry over spilled milk! It’s like throwing money down the drain (or smoething equally as sad).

  19. Yes you can totally cry over spilled milk! It’s like throwing money down the drain (or smoething equally as sad).

  20. This is the WORST!! I have been there and the tears did come! Last week I pumped in the middle of the night and since DH was till awake, asked him to go pout it in the fridge for me. WHen I awoke the next morning and went to the kitchen I was horrified to see that he had just taken it out to the kitchen, set it on the counter and forgotten about it. It was ruined. 5 ounces oif white gold, ruined. I cried a little…

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