The first year of Fatherhood


As I think about how much our lives have changed in the past 6.5 years of being parents, I can’t help but think of the fact that my brother-in-law’s and sister’s lives are about to change so very much within the next few weeks!

This funny little infographic was too cute not to share. (And also makes me realize just how much money we spent on disposable diapers on our first two and thankful we use cloth diapers on E!) 

First Year of Fatherhood

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Disclosure: This post is courtesy of Phillips AVENT. No compensation was received. I just thought it was cute!

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  1. This is too funny. Also, makes me glad we’re breastfeeding and cloth diapering baby #2. I can’t even begin to imagine what I’d do with all the money I spent on formula and disposable diapers with my first.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t catch the formula thing the first time. I only had to buy it with the middle daughter who quit on me early! So much money!

      1. We had to supplement because I had supply issues and she wasn’t gaining weight… And even that was super expensive. It’s locked up with a key at the store nowadays, apparently people steal it and sell it on the black market!

        1. It’s crazy! But, I can’t even imagine having to buy it every week.

  2. This is too cute. I am hoping we don’t spend much money (if any) on formula. The cloth diaper thing, E just didn’t win me over. They sure are cute, and I am pretty good with laundry, but it’s almost a full time gig having to wash and wash and wash them, and then a whole room devoted to drying them. I do think baby proofing is going to be a big expense, we already need at least two baby gates just with the stairs. It will be interesting to see how watching basketball and football changes….especially with football starting shortly after her expected arrival.

    1. I’ve been cheating and throwing them in the dryer. It’s humid and I’m lazy!

    2. Melissa C. says:

      Except for the covers, we always dry in the dryer. As long as you get a good simple wash routine in place it’s really no big deal (if you have an HE machine, just throw in a bunch of Tide and push buttons to get you a long, hot, water-filled cycle). DH and I both work full-time out of the home and we rely on coin-op machines in our apartment building… if you have your own machines it’s a piece of cake!

    1. Nah, it’s like a million and one for moms…and that’s just for one kid!

  3. This is to funny! What a great way to help new dads understand things 🙂

  4. Nicole McG says:

    My husband and I laughed while reading this. We are new parents as of 5/23/13. We are excited for him to start sleeping 4 hours. That sounds heavenly. =)

    1. Good luck! It’s coming! My tip…wake them during the day to feed them every three hours…then let them go as long as they want at night. It helps…hopefully:)

  5. I love the ditch the gym one! My 20lb 7 month old is kicking my butt with carrying her everywhere haha

    1. some curls or squats while holding her. Ouch!

  6. He he he this is going to be my hubby in the next 4-6 weeks!

  7. Melissa C. says:

    So true! Though we didn’t spend anything on formula and switched to cloth diapers at 4mos. And our apartment is way to small to have a “man cave.”

    1. We did cloth this time around..and such a huge difference…and not a drop on formula. I really don’t know how people can afford it. It’s so expensive.

  8. Makes me so glad we decided to EBF and CD right away with #1

  9. lol that’s cute! We cloth diaper and bf and daddy works so I can stay home, so plenty of beer and extra sleep for him. But he rocks a moby! This year for fathers day I painted a black one in a galaxy pattern. He loved it.

    1. That’s pretty sweet. I never could get the hubby to rock the Moby, but he sure does rock the Ergo!

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