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In a rare feat of amazingness, my sister, mom, our girls and I were all in the same city at the same time, and it wasn’t Houston!

Mommy and Me and Me

This definitely deserves a photo or two.

My sister and her family came in on Christmas Day and all of our combined 7 girls had a great time playing together. From brushing the pony’s hair, to playing with kinetic sand, to jumping on the trampoline. We were very thankful for the good weather, too!

jumping on the trampoline

Our girls even went and got mani/pedis together…and the moms, well, we need to make another date to do it.

It was another surprise when we went to pick up Grandma on the 28th and then had a birthday celebration for both B and Grandma. We all went and had a tasty early dinner and everybody had a great time. It was complete with ice cream cake and way too many yummy appetizers.

Mommy and Me and Me

My sister’s family left early on B’s birthday, and now we have grandma for a few more days.

But, I couldn’t forget to snap a picture of B in our bathroom at her birthplace. She thinks it’s silly. The family thinks it’s silly, But as long as I’m here, and she’s here and we are in this house, I will try to remake this picture…with a LOT more clothes on! (If you haven’t read her accidental and unplanned home birth story, you should head over and read it!)

Mommy and Me Monday Birthday Edition

B had a good birthday, and hopefully we can give grandma a birthday redo tomorrow when my bug passes.

What did you do this week?

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