Three little bear cubs


Oh, the stories of potty-training….

The other day, after dinner, during #1’s normal poo time, she yelled to us that she was all done.

When Mr. Serious went in to help her, she said “look daddy, I made a snake!” She was so proud of her snake.

The next day, she was reluctant, so I sent her on her way and reminded her she could make another snake (or “another one snake” as she would say). However, this time, she did not want to make a snake. So, I suggested a lizard, and she took care of business.

The day after that, she needed another animal to make. I suggested she make a bear. Creative, right? She headed on her way.

She yelled that she was all done, but it seemed to quick. Typically, she says she’s done when she’s only half-way done. So, I yelled to her to keep trying.

She said “I made a big bear, mommy.”

My reply “Well, make some bear cubs, then!”

Am I quick-witted or what? Mr. Serious thought this was hilarious. I imagine it would be even better if he were telling it live, but alas, my written story will have to do.

Oh, and the next time, #1 proclaimed that she “made meatballs!” Remind me to never eat any of her “cooking!”


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  1. Oh, poo stories are fun, aren't they? Ah, the life of a mother!! That is hilarious, though. Hey – anyway to get them to 'go' is okay with me!!

  2. Hey, whatever makes them go! lol
    That is too funny…and yes, you are so very witty! 😉
    I'm glad we werent having spaghetti tonight…might take me a few days to get over the meatball comment! lol

  3. OK, even hearing it again still totally cracks me up! She made a dog on Fri. night.

  4. Yeah…potty training makes for a lott of funny…yet gross, moments 🙂

  5. How creative! I have never had to deal with potty training since I have no kids, but I have had to deal with it when baby-sitting. I had one child who would need to go numero dos in a diaper. I told her if she went in a diaper I wasn't changing her all day and she would have to sit in it. Voila! Problem solved and the mother was singing praises. I just hope I can practice tough love with my own kids!

  6. that is awesome and gross all at the same time honey!!

    it's so crazy the things that come out of our "mommy" mouths isn't it??

  7. That is so creative! I'm totally laughing over here. Then again, I have potty mouth sometimes. haha.

  8. Hilarious! However, nothing is as funny as Izzy's poo time experience in real life! She cracks me up…and yes, very witty of you!

  9. Ha ha. I laughed so hard my kids wanted to know what was so funny. The things we do!

  10. Totally disgusting but funny story.
    When we were young, our family was eating spaghetti. Unfortunately, daddy ran out of meatballs, so my sister, God bless her soul, decided to make some more and put them on his plate. Her meatballs were the same as Lizzie's….Thank the LORD our dad realized the nature of the meatball before he bit into it!!!

  11. Sparkette says:

    GENIUS! and Hilarious at the same time! Thanks for that 🙂

  12. Haha! I will never read Goldilocks and the 3 Bears in the same way again. Ever!

  13. I'll have to store this in the back of my head for when we get that far along. Have I mentioned I HATE potty training?? And here I thought teething was bad!

  14. I am laughing out loud. I needed that…thanks Izzy. It is much for fun to hear others potty stories than my own.

  15. How in the world did I get so behind? I put you in my blog roll on my sidebar now so I won't miss these. Goodness.

    Anyhow, I wonder what comes after meatballs.

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