This is why we don’t shop!

We were returning from the visit where we got #2’s cast removed (yes, it’s off, woohoo!) and we stopped in Toys R Us.
Thanks, Grandma Pat for requesting we get it instead of ordering online and paying shipping.
Wow! That store is overwhelming for an adult. And crazy!
At 9:20am!!!
And, the worst part? There were a bunch of employees around, but only one person was working!
The poor girl at the front was trying to do everything because everybody else was doing nothing.
We needed help, and Mr. Serious suggested asking for some.
I just laughed. “They will come over here and do the same thing we are doing.”
We still asked for help. The guy just wanted to tell us about the easel he bought. Dude. That’s nice, but help us find the one we want!
Then, he told us he bought the last one. Thanks.
The guy was pretty much useless. And, you could tell poor “Sarah” at the front was completely overwhelmed. Poor girl.
Then, we paid for our easel, and when they went to get it, we realized it was the wrong one. Grrrr.
So, the guy went back and found “the last one.”
And, stupid me, I insisted he open the box to make sure it was the right one.
That’s when the guy realized that there were actually two in the box. We almost got a 2-for-1 deal.
Nice “Sarah” at the front, working with a bunch of men at Toys R Us that have no idea what they are doing. There were about 3 employees standing around and about 8 customers waiting for help. And she was the only one helping them. She was on the phone, the computer and taking to us all at the same time.
I hope they find some good help soon.


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  1. Sometimes men, or boys should I say, are just USELESS!!! They should stick to their area of expertise, carrying the heavy stuff!!! Hire more WOMEN Toys R Us!!

  2. ugh my last toys r us experience was the same! Before Kain was born, we went to Target to get his carseat. They were out so we went to ToysRus. Of course all of the carseats were in the back, so I had to ask for help. The man was INSISTING on selling me a travel system. After saying no thank you, we don't need a stroller, what felt like 100 times, I wanted to scream at him "WHAT PART OF 'WE ALREADY OWN 3 STROLLERS' DO YOU NOT GET?!?" Really, why mess with an 8 month pregnant woman, LOL!

  3. Sometimes I think they live in other planet because not understand what we say or don't know nothing about the products they sell.

  4. ToysRUs is a madhouse for sure. Not a fan of that store.

    Glad to her N got her cast off. Yay!!

  5. That would have been so frustrating! Poor Sarah! Isn't it crazy how Babies R Us can have such great service all the time and employees at Toys R Us have no idea what they are doing {at least from my experiences}. I guess they are the Babies R Us rejects!

  6. toys r us always scares me. i think i am over it, then i try again. and get scared all over again.

    whooo hooo natalie!!

  7. oh noo! i can't stand shopping because of situations just like that. i end up leaving with a headache. why is it so hard to find good help?

  8. Yep, that's why I already ordered our stuff online. It totally kills my Christmas spirit buzz when I want to beat up the people in the store! 🙂

  9. One of the main reasons I'm so ticked off I couldn't find a job for the holidays this year. THAT is what they hire!

  10. awww. how frustrating is that. But then again, at least now you don't have to deal with a tug of conscience! Happy Thanksgiving!

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