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Setting Technology House Rules with Verizon Family Tech Initiative


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Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. From work to play, school to sports, and even our evening entertainment at home, everything seems to have some sort of connection to technology and devices. Living in this innovative time puts us in a position where it is very important to have technology house rules in place for both children and adults. The Verizon Family Tech Initiative can help you navigate the most current technology. It can also help you choose the right devices, and decide on the rules that are the best fit for your family.

Setting Technology House Rules with Verizon Family Tech

Keeping the Balance

Setting rules and limits on the amount of time your family can spend on tech devices and in what situations it is appropriate to use technology is a great place to start when developing your house rules. For some families, keeping technology out of the bedroom and away from the dinner table is important. Others feel that tech should be off limits on school nights, unless being used for homework.

cell phone usage

Decisions about when and where tech can be used are important for balance, but that balance will vary from family to family. Verizon Family Tech offers great advice and suggestions about finding balance and setting technology rules.

Allowed Devices and Access

Not every tech device in your home is appropriate for every family member. Younger children may not have the level of responsibility required for a cell phone but can handle a smart watch that allows them to reach out to specific family members. Full fledged tablets might be more than your little ones can manage.

Baby playing with cell phones

After all, kids want to be just like us, and before you know it, they will have two cell phone toys out at one time trying to be just like their parents.

Options like the Gizmo Tablet from Verizon Family Tech allow them the chance to incorporate play and learning with educational apps and games but keep them away from websites that you may deem inappropriate.

For even younger children, there is GizmoWatch is the fun and kid-friendly smartwatch designed with your child’s safety in mind. With automated alerts and a GPS locator that provides your child with independence while still keeping you in the know.

Setting Technology House Rules with Verizon Family Tech

For older children who are ready for their own cell phone, their Unlimited plans allow you to choose just the right amount of coverage for each person in your home, giving you even more control over your family’s online activity.

Online Safety

It is important for the whole family to have a grasp of online safety. Setting rules about what they can share on social media or websites and who they can share with is a very important no matter the age of your child. With younger children, parental controls can help you to keep a handle on their internet activity by giving you access to their online activity and allowing you to block sites, turn off internet access, and more.


Verizon Family Tech Initiative offers advice for parents of teens to help them create a trust-based relationship that will give teens freedom while keeping them safe. You’ll find lots of great information on the site. It will help to guide you in taking with your family about staying safe when online.

These are just a few of the biggest issues that families are faced with when developing setting technology house rules. The Verizon Family Tech Initiative is committed to offering customizable plans, age appropriate devices, and solid advice to families, ensuring that they have the quality technology that they want and the safety and security they need.


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  2. Oh man that Mickey Watch is adorbs. I love Verizon and all the great tech they offer. I was just looking at the family control settings the other day!

  3. It’s so smart to develop a plan for family tech to keep the little ones safe while they’re learning. Love those smart watches, SUPER CUTE!

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