Cove Security Review


Cove has been protecting our house for several months now. I wanted to fully test it out (save actually having a break-in), and make sure I knew the ins and outs before sharing my Cove Security System Review with you.

Cove security system review

Why Cove?

Cove reached out and asked me to test out their security system. They sent the system and offered a discounted monitoring plan for me to check it out. Admittedly, I wasn’t looking for a security system, but it was always something I wanted for my house. 

Before Cove, this was my security system. A jingly Christmas ornament that let me know when the front door was opened. Mr. Serious does some traveling for work and that was my best solution. Of course, it didn’t make me feel protected and I felt uncomfortable when he was gone. 

cove security system

I also wasn’t sure I could have a security system because we don’t have a land line. As I learned, Cove Security System actually uses it’s own cellular signal to get in touch with Cove and/or authorities to keep your home protected. Done and Done. 

Setting Cove up

When you got to the Cove website, you get to customize your system exactly. You set up your number of doors, window, remotes (yes, I’ll get to that) smoke detectors and more. It’s all up to you. Then they ship it out within 24 hours and it’s at your door ready to go.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed like I did. I let the boxes sit for a few days because, I just knew despite what they said, it was going to take me a long time to get it all up and running.

I mean there were a lot of sensors to set up. And a panel and signs.

But, guess what? It was a piece of cake! Setting up the panel and all of the sensors from start to finish (with my setup) was less than 20 minutes! I was shocked.

The panel does need to be plugged into the wall. This was the only thing I was bummed about. We exit the house through our garage door and there wasn’t a plug close by, so we had to make it work and the panel is in the living room. Thankfully, it works and it’s taken very little adjustment. It’s only an issue when Mr. Serious forgets to disarm it in the morning before opening the door. We all hear the alarm then!

Once the panel is all plugged in, you just press the “get started” button on the touch screen and the panel walks you through everything. Step by step with pictures and animations along the way, you will be ready!

Here’s an example of how you get the smoke detector up and running.

And how the door alarms work once installed (yes, I haven’t parted ways with my jingles just yet!).

All of the sensors attach with 3M strips. I haven’t tried to move or remove any of them, but I’m hoping that’s an easy removal when/if the time comes. 

cove security system

Keyfobs / Remotes

cove security system

Another great thing is these alarm arming and disarming remotes. I’ve added one to my keychain so I can disarm the alarm as the kids run into the house before me. Honestly, almost all of them can disarm the alarm, but sometimes it’s nice to remove that variable. Additionally, if you have somebody housesitting for you, you can give them a remote control as well to make things easier.

cove security remote

The Cove App

Forget to set the alarm before leaving the house? There’s an app for that. It’s easy to set the alarm, or check the status of your alarm right from your phone! I really am happy with the versatility of arming and un-arming the house. 

Setting off the alarm

Yes, we’ve done it to ourselves. If you cancel it using your pin on the panel, your remote, or the app, you are good. You might also get a text message where you can cancel the call to the authorities. If you don’t do any of those, you will get a call from Cove Security asking you for your call in password (to verify that it’s you) and to see if you need the authorities called or not. 

The Camera

Cove has teamed up with YI to use their home cameras to enhance the home monitoring options. This does require a separate device (see it on the top of the shelf) and app, but is a nice way to be able to check on things.  

Cove Security System Camera

I can even use it to check on the girls if I’m upstairs and they are down, or if there is a babysitter at the house. Storage of camera footage on the cloud is extra for the camera.

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Cove is designed with easy, do-it-yourself technology, professional home monitoring for as little as $15 a month. With no long-term contracts, a no-strings-attached one-year warranty and easy cancellation, it’s a great security system for your home.

EDIT: Since this review was published, Cove has added integration with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home as a feature.

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  1. I love that this is so easy to set up and affordable. Looks like a great way to keep your family safe!

  2. Back in the day, if you didn’t have a landline you were SOL. Modern technology is amazing and I’m here for it!

  3. Sounds like an efficient & easy system. No contracts and the ability to move the contact points around are optimal for us.

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