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Summer camps and life have caught up with all of us this week. The girls have had to wake up early to make it to their camp, which means we’ve all been up at our regular school time.

Between being outside for half or all of the day in the heat and that early wake up, we’ve got some tired kiddos. One day of the entire week, B actually took a little nap while I laid down with her.

naps with B

Her week got slightly better as she made some friends and her favorite babysitter was her camp “teacher” and then I finally got a haircut after almost a year. Naturally B had to get in my selfie to show off my new look.

Mommy and Me Monday photobomber

And then things got ickier. I had mentioned that I needed some oral surgery a few weeks ago. And a family emergency on the endodontist’s part meant that my surgery got delayed. When I was finally able to get in, we realized I needed a root canal on a neighboring tooth first (19 if you are into that sort of thing) where 18 was the original offender.

Because I would have had to wait 6 months to get a root canal after the surgery, she decided doing the root canal that day (Thursday) was the best option and then the surgery later.

I scheduled it for about three weeks out with her schedule having been backfilled from her emergency with the understanding that she would call if there was an opening. As “luck” would have it, that opening came the next morning, Friday. But, Mr. Serious wasn’t able to drive me, so I went into it with no medicines.

After quite a few shots and making sure I was finally numb, she was ready to do it. Three hours later I was on my way home with several stitches in my mouth from front to back and under my tongue. As the hour between the surgery ending and picking up B went on, I realized that I was going to be in for some serious pain and swelling.

Two and a half days later, I’m “resting” in bed with two antibiotics and two different pain meds with a pretty consistent throbbing sensation even when icing and elevating.

Mommy and ME Monday after oral surgery

After we took this picture, E told me I should stop making my face so silly. Kids…they are so sweet and innocent, right? So, send some positive healing thoughts. And hope I can eat something other then applesauce and sorbet sometime soon. I miss crunchy and savory!

What did you do this week?

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  1. out of the mouths of babes come the words!! Red asked me why the back of my arm was so jiggly last month… so that was fun!

  2. mrs. hils says:

    Yikes! I would have driven you! Hope you’re back to normal soon.

    1. Thanks! Driving actually wasn’t the worst. I had to get B and thankfully Matt picked the big kids up, so B and I just hung out on the couch.

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