8 Helpful Tips for Mosquito Prevention in Your Yard


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8 helpful tips for mosquito prevention in your yard

Over the course of the 10 years of owning our home, we’ve seen quite a bit of tree and foliage growth. With that growth and a creek two houses a way, mosquitos seem to think our backyard is the perfect feeding and breeding location. We’ve taken a lot of actions to make it less desirable for them, but we still have to do more to prevent mosquitos from eating us alive. We want our backyard to be fun and to be able to enjoy it. After all, it was one of our big selling points for the house!

It doesn’t help that our neighbors also have a lot of trees at the edge of their property. Add to that that it doesn’t get a ton of sun so any rain or water tends to sit on the grass and in the yard. What does that mean in our climate? Mosquitos. Lots of them that love to eat and attack us.

Open backyard

We have a great natural bug spray that I make that works well, but we just get worn down going outside and having to spray everybody to keep the mosquitos away. And, everybody ends up smelling like spray and having it on their skin.

Mosquito Joe

Recently, we were outside at our friends house and we’re getting any bites at all and I asked her how. She told us that they had a company come spray monthly to help reduce them in their yard. When I was looking into having a service come, I was offered the chance to try out Mosquito Joe’s service and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Mosquito Joe for mosquito control

Luckily, I called on Monday and they were going to be in our area Tuesday morning. So, before I knew it, they were here to treat our yard. The technician that came to our house introduced himself, explained what he was going to do and quickly got to work.

Mosquito Joe Mosquito Control

Our certified and trained technician was armed with a backpack sprayer designed for precise application targeting shrubs and plants with a barrier spray. This spray kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to foliage.

Because it bonds to foliage it acts as a mosquito repellent for weeks to come. However, the treatment is encapsulated and bonds to the foliage so animals can’t lick it off.

We only needed to wait 30 minutes before we went outside!

Mosquito Joe Mosquito Control

They key to the treatment (and overall mosquito prevention) is that it’s about breaking the life cycle of the mosquito. It’s important that the technicians do more than eliminate adult mosquitoes, they also walk around the property looking for breeding area and help eliminate them or make suggestions for you to get rid of them.

Mosquito Joe for Mosquito Prevention

Tips for Mosquito Prevention

We noticed a difference in the mosquitos immediately, but ideally you have a contract with Mosquito Joe to come out every 21 days to retreat your yard. When I called our local Mosquito Joe’s office, Matthew told me it would take up to three services to get to about 95% reduction in mosquitos.

The mosquito treatments are reduction treatments that require multiple visits as mosquitos will come back if there aren’t active steps taken to prevent them. So, we have to make sure the girls don’t leave buckets in the backyard to collect water and take other precautions to help prevent the mosquitos from coming back.

1. Get your yard sprayed for mosquito prevention.

2. Eliminate all sources of standing water such as children’s wading pools, birdbaths and flower pots.

3. Keep rain gutters cleaned out to prevent water from standing in drain.

4. Cut back or get rid of unnecessary vegetation around the home where mosquitoes can breed and/or nest.

5. When swimming pools aren’t in use, keep them covered to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs

6. Remove water that has collected in tree holes and hollow stumps.

7. Screen windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from getting inside homes.

8. Consider using yellow bug light bulbs in outdoor light fixtures – the bulbs reduce the number of flying insects around your home.

Outside is Fun Again

Now that our yard has been sprayed and we are taking active measures to reduce the mosquito populations, we are able to enjoy our backyard more. The kids are happy to jump on the trampoline and play on the swing set without getting bug bites.

And the grownups can sit outside and have a cocktail by the fire pit without swatting and smacking at those pesky critters.

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You can get $25 off your first spray with code: BUZZONLINE at MosquitoJoe.com

Do you have a mosquito service to help reduce them at your house? How would you enjoy your yard without mosquitos?

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