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After 9.5 weeks of distance learning (and 10.5 if you add in “Spring Break”), we’ve wrapped up our school year. It’s definitely the most bittersweet ending to a school year with a missing 5th grade end of year celebration (and all of the festivities that go with it) as well as a missing kindergarten end of year celebration.

Instead, we had a drive through celebration and the school set up a sign for for the kindergarten and 5th graders (which we had both of). When I saw the set up for the 5th grader (and took her separately), I had everybody come up with the kindergartener so we could get a group picture. (I’m glad I did because the sign wasn’t there when we went for the 2nd grade pickup).

mommy and me monday kindergarten graduation

B’s teachers put together and end of the year slideshow for the class to watch via Microsoft Teams. It definitely wasn’t the same as two years previous when E ended her kindergarten year.

There were some tears for sure, but it was good to have the parents on the call to walk down memory lane with the kids. Mr. Serious had to go into his office, but we were glad he was still able to join and watch. And he grabbed a picture of us all watching the video. (Check that container of wipes and sanitizer on the desk, too!)

mommy and me monday last teams call with mommy

So, naturally we snapped a picture of daddy on the call with us, too.

mommy and me monday last teams call with daddy

It’s the end of 7th grade, 5th grade, 2nd grade and kindergarten. We are definitely all sad about the way that it ended and the fact that the year is over, but hopeful for the next school year.


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