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The trend these last couple years seems to be me frantically remembering that one of my very few traditions is taking a family picture in a pumpkin patch. Or something similar. This year was no different. We’ve been busy running around and on the go every weekend this month. Saturday, after an event and nap time, we made it happen. 

There are no trendy outfits, or coordinated efforts, but everybody is looking, almost all happy and all there!

Mommy and Me Monday | Pumpkin Patch

We even got one with all six of us looking at the same time. That alone is monumental!

Mommy and Me Monday | Pumpkin Patch

The older three girls wanted to have their faces in the cutout, so we had to oblige there, too. 

Mommy and Me Monday | Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch probably had about 15 pumpkins left and they were all in pretty bad shape. So, we hung out for about 10 minutes. We had planned to head to an amazing Thai restaurant by our old house. And since it was so close, we did a drive by of the house to show the girls. They had some funny commentary.  Then we had a relatively calm family dinner and headed home.

All in a day’s work, right? 

2006-2009 at the Pumpkin Patch

2010 at the Pumpkin Patch

2011 at the Pumpkin Patch

2012 at the Pumpkin Patch

2013 at the Pumpkin Patch

2014 at the Pumpkin Patch 

What were you up to this week? Anything “Fall”-ish?

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  1. Great Aunt Deb says:

    Everyone looks so happy. These are wonderful pictures.

  2. So fun! We need to take the girls to a pumpkin patch. I let Logan pick out a pumpkin from Kroger a few weeks ago, and when we went again on Saturday she wanted another pumpkin. So who knows how many pumpkins we would come home with if we went a whole patch! I can’t wait to see the girls in their costumes.

  3. Great photos! We visited a farm with friends yesterday and, thankfully, remembered to get a family shot – actually 2! A huge feat seeing as last year I have pictures of my husband & son, but completely forgot to get any with my (very) pregnant self in them. I realized as we left and was too tired to turn around to make it happen. Should have. But at 37 … 38(?) weeks, I didn’t really care in my moment of exhaustion. LOL Oh, and we didn’t get any pumpkins yesterday. Apparently it’s now an extra fee? Ugh. We spent enough on the tickets to get into the farm and already have a couple of pumpkins so, while my son was disappointed, we opted out of spending more money to get a pumpkin.

  4. pat chance says:

    these are great photos. Too bad on most of the pumpkins being sold already.

  5. Super cute pics!!! We recently went to the pumpkin patch too, but I haven’t had the chance to upload pics yet

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