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We made it to a pumpkin patch before the pumpkins were gone this year! All praise goes to Mr. Serious for suggesting it after a little brunch after church. And, so it happened.

We actually ventured to our old stompin’ grounds and they had the same sign, except no hay to sit on, so we were all standing. And, it totally looks like the scarecrow is smacking E in the back of the head!

Mommy and Me Monday at the Pumpkin Patch

(Nothing like a good family picture with no make up to remind you how different your face looks without it.)

The girls were super excited to stick their faces in the little cut outs. However, poor E kept her hands in it, and pushed her face forward and then got scared and got stuck. That was fun for a second!

At the pumpkin patch

Fortunately, her sisters helped her recover quickly…but weren’t able to contain her.

DSC 1798

They were racing and running all over the pumpkins. It was too sweet how they were all playing together and involving each other in the fun.

At the pumpkin patch

And, since she missed a solo in the pumpkin patch picture last year…her she is this year in all her 20 month glory!

At the pumpkin patch

I’m very thankful Mr. Serious suggested going so we could get some fun pictures of the girls playing in the pumpkins.

2006-2009 at the Pumpkin Patch

2010 at the Pumpkin Patch

2011 at the Pumpkin Patch

2012 at the Pumpkin Patch

Mommy and Me Monday at  Really, Are You Serious?

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  1. Aww, great pics! They are so cute and look like they are having so much fun. How lucky they are to have eachother. 🙂

    1. Mr. Serious says:

      So true. We’re all so blessed to have each other

  2. What beautiful girls! I love the pumpkin patch. There’s nothing like getting into the spirit of fall like spending an afternoon amidst a bunch of orange pumpkins. Hope you all had a blast!

    1. Oh, definitely! And, it helps that the weather was great and the girls all had such a good time, too!

  3. grandma pat says:

    looks like it was a beautiful day for pumpkin shopping. the girls are so darn cute.

  4. I love your family photo (even with the smacking scarecrow)!!

    I hope we get to a pumpkin patch before they are gone!

  5. Mr. Serious says:

    Those are some great pictures. I love the cutout one. It’s rare to have a cutout that low, so E could use it. Thanks for the credit, but you deserve some for permission to cut church early for some family fun. We prayed more with Evelyn at lunch than we would have in the service.

  6. We need to find a pumpkin patch to take some pictures in pronto! I didn’t think about the fact the pumpkins will all be gone soon. I love the girls all running around together, It’s so sweet.

  7. They are so pretty!! Looks like you all had a great time. I think you are very pretty make up or not.

  8. how fun. i love the face cut out photos… they always make me laugh 🙂

    1. Is it bad that we still laughed we she got “stuck” because her hands were in there? Because we totally did!

  9. I love the picture of your girls in the cutout! Visiting pumpkin patches just brings more memories to the fall season.

  10. Awww those are seriously cute pics with the girls peeking through the faces. We hope to go this weekend if the weather holds out!

  11. Oh how I love the pumpkin patch pictures. So good. And YAY for getting there early this year. We’ve waited til the last minute a few times and it wasn’t good. Bad weather, cold and rainy, and hardly any pumpkins.

    Great pics!

    1. Yeah, it’s crazy that we actually remembered to get there early for sure..and that we had nice weather.

  12. Angela Jenkins says:

    Great idea! I have practically no pictures with my kids because I’m always the one taking them… 😛

    1. Hopefully, you can join in one time..even if it’s only on instagram or twitter:)

  13. dude next year you will have four little girls at the patch!!! soooo exciting!!

  14. Jill McHale says:

    Our family also visits the same pumpkin patch every year for the traditional photos. I hope my daughter loves looking back on them when she is grown.

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