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When school is closed except for distance learning, Friday is a catch up day, and the weather is gorgeous…it’s time for a Friday Field Trip. Thankfully, the strawberry u-pick farm was set up for social distancing while picking. So, we packed our lunches, and got in the car to head South to Southern Belle Farms. (We spent our own money, they have no idea I’m writing this).

Hearing that they had been running out of strawberries, and also having early risers, we arrived 20 minutes before they opened. Not to worry, we can document this crazy time and get a picture of all of us. (Mr. Serious is working from home and wasn’t able to join us.)

strawberry picking family in the car2020-05-01 09.56.15 copy

Since we one of the first families there, we ended up second in line to pay for our baskets and get to picking. They were limiting us to 2 baskets (gallons) per family. We quickly paid and were assigned our field. Within that field we were told to pick any row with the color they were picking that morning. This allowed us our own row and nobody on either of the neighboring rows so we had plenty of space. 

oddsies strawberry picking

The girls picked quickly and efficiently. So much so that both of our baskets were filled within about 15 minutes. 

evensies strawberry picking

They figured out how to completely fill those baskets. And they didn’t eat a single one while we were picking them! (Also, what’s the deal with wearing sweatshirts in MAY! In Georgia!)

girls with their strawberries

The berries all looked so good! I knew we had to eventually make some strawberry pie. Also, my arm is almost not long enough to grab a picture with all of us in it. 

all of us after strawberry picking

After picking our berries, having a potty stop and checking out their market (only letting in 10 people at a time), it was time to have some lunch. The farm said the CDC wouldn’t allow picnicking on the farm area, but we were able to do it in or near our vehicles. So, we folded the seats down, and got to lunching. It was cozy, but it worked. 

car picnic

After eating her lunch and eating way too many berries, B decided it was time to take in the sun! Oddly, she was the least sunburned of the girls this trip. Next time, we keep our hats on the whole time. 

b laying in the sun

This isn’t our first time picking strawberries. In fact, we’ve gone with my grand parents (the girls’ great-grandparents), and some trips with just the older two girls, and when they weren’t so old with one on my back, another time when they were littler, and another time when only the oldest was picking and N was in a carrier. There’s a good chance there have been more undocumented trips, but it’s definitely been too long. 

When we got home and I cleaned all the strawberries, they said they wanted to go every day. So, we might have to go back again really, really soon!


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