Mommy and Me- The 11th Edition


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

What was on our agenda this weekend?  What was this hint?  Nope, it wasn’t our laundry basket, or a trip to the beach!  (Although, there are currently 6 loads of laundry in our living room ready to be folded….and the beach is about 6 hours away!empty basket

How about this?  Does this help with your guesses?

We were off strawberry picking for opening weekend.

The last time we went was almost exactly a year ago.  We went strawberry picking with my grandparents.

#1 had fun picking the strawberries, but would much rather eat them!

 going in for the berries fresh berry heaven

I don’t know how women worked in fields with babies on their backs.  This was tough, tough work.  And, of course, #2 was less than thrilled that she wasn’t walking around (we didn’t want her to step on the strawberries, which she would have done).

So, here’s mommy and the girls at the strawberry patch.  It’s an action shot.  What you can’t see is that the strawberry that was a double, like a Siamese twin, but it was hollow at the bottom, so it looked like a mouth.  I might have been making it talk.

The girls were quite thankful to be free and not having to “work” anymore.

The berries were quite fresh and there were tons of them.  It might have taken all of 10 minutes to pick all of these gems.


Which were quickly made into a tasty dessert.  Come back later and I will share the delicious and easy recipe for this yummy goodness.


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  1. Never would have guessed, but boy do those look absolutely delish!

  2. This is so much fun!!! I used to do that in Southern France when small. How fun!!!!
    Great memory.

  3. oh that is such a fun adventure! and those strawberries look SO good and so does the dessert you made with them! What a fun day! and very cute pics 🙂

  4. Those look delicious!!! It makes me want to go do that…my sister and I used to go with my mom and grandma when we were younger….we pretty much ate our way through the fields. Great photos!!!

  5. Such cute pics! Brings back great memories – and a reminder to plant strawberries (meant to this weekend but other things came up).

  6. Yum! Looks like you had a great day, I have never picked strawberries before. The pics came out so clear! I may need to talk to you about your nikkon 🙂

  7. I was totally thinking laundry. But that pie is making my mouth water- yum!

  8. Woo hoo! I got it right! Looks like so much fun.

    That's hard work for kids… I took some little ones last year but fun, tasty and worth it!

  9. Mmmmm strawberries! What a fun day. We also had strawberries today from the farmer's market so we didn't work as hard as you did!

  10. How adorable. I want some strawberries now

  11. So much fun! We went picking strawberries a few weeks ago. There's a strawberry festival in South Georgia every year and it was our first time going. I think we're going to make it an annual event.

  12. I remember going to strawberry fields. So much fun!! I bet your girls enjoyed it. Great pictures! Looks so yummy! 🙂

  13. Your outing looks like so much fun. I have never been out to pick strawberries. Strawberries are one of my favorites so I should really look into doing that. The pie you made looks delicious!

  14. Oh my goodness those look so good! Nothing beats fresh strawberries:)

  15. I think I am most jealous that you are somewhere where strawberries are in season! Looks like so much fun!

  16. How fun!!! I didn't have a picture till just now. Sorry for the late start 😉

  17. I just always love strawberry picking! You sure got some pretty ones!

  18. Mr. Serious says:

    I was working really hard with the camera taking pictures while Mrs. Serious was working like a migrant worker without childcare…I'm glad she made her quota!

  19. LOL at Mr. Serious' comment 🙂
    I love the strawberry patch, but I actually HATE strawberries…weird I know. I can't wait until Libbi is old enough to take to the strawberry patch near our house…we spent many a summer there growing up!

  20. You are in strawberry season already…oh how I wish it were time where I am located to do this, such fun. But I have a terrible time not falling in a "pick one-eat one, pick one-eat one mode! 🙂 You take such wonderful photos!!

  21. Strawberry picking!?! I'm so jealous… just as well, Narelle would probably eat herself to a tummy ache 😉

  22. You really got us on that one!

    I LOVE strawberry picking. I can't wait to go this year and make some yummy jam! 🙂

  23. Would have never guessed! Those strawberries look absolutely delicious!

  24. Yes that looks so yummy! Your pictures are great with the girls!

  25. after sneaking a peek at this yesterday i had to go out and buy strawberries. sadly i ate them all before i could make the pie. you saved me some right?

  26. after sneaking a peek at this yesterday i had to go out and buy strawberries. sadly i ate them all before i could make the pie. you saved me some right?

  27. Ok, I'm totally going to cram strawberry picking into my calendar!!

  28. I wish I wasn't so pregnant…that strawberry pie looked so yummy and it looked so much fun picking them with your kiddos!

  29. Oh man those strawberries look good! Nothing like the ones fresh from the patch! YUM!

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