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The region championship track meet was this past week. The oldest ran in the 1600 and was really hoping for a PR! And she did PR by about 6 seconds.

What was more exciting was everybody in the race finished exactly where they were seeded except the oldest and the girl seeded in front of her. The oldest hustled and passed the girl once, the girl pushed and passed the oldest, and then in the final 50-100m the oldest pushed ahead and beat her!

She wasn’t a top 3 finalist to move onto sectionals, but she really raced and got uncomfortable and that was a goal.

Mr. Serious didn’t come to the race, so I called him and became a track announcer and gave a play by play of the race. I also was timing her splits, so I didn’t get any race pictures.

After the race, she came up to me and said “Can’t I be your Mommy and Me Monday? Don’t you want a picture?”

Heck yes I do!

I was all ready to take an us-ie when he friend offered to take pictures for us.

Which resulted in some pretty funny pictures.

Next time, I will make sure I’m not standing where the ground slants down. I realized I was and instead of switching sides, I went on my tip toes.

She thought it was hilarious and then squatted down to be shorter than me. The series is hilarious, but also, the goofiest of faces for both of us.

So, instead, I share the end result of her thinking she’s the funniest ever…

mom and daughter laughing after a race

And one nice smiling one. Dang, she grew even more this year!

post region race

We’re hopeful she’s in one relay at sectionals, but won’t know until later. If it’s the end of the season, we are super proud of her progress and pushing to stay competitive.

And what’s a Saturday without a family long run? Mr. Serious went with the oldest a little early to get her run in and ran with her.

Then, we met up with him, the oldest went to work and the rest of us did some more running.

B knocked out 2 miles without stopping. I ran with her and Mr. Serious for a bit and then finished off my 45 minute run. N ran with a group of friends at her pace and E ran with another teammate at their pace.

post long run

What did you do this week?

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