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Between all of these training plans, sometimes it feels like it’s all we do around here. My runs, rides and weights, the kids runs, races. I don’t sit down often, but even when I do, I get restless.

Monday, E and B had a run to do. I had already done my own training and knew I didn’t have another run in me. Bicycle to the rescue. I rode, they ran.

(Grandma, if you are reading, this is the same bike from PALM…Pedal Across Lower Michigan from when I was my girls’ age)

running and training with e and b mommy and me monday

Turns out, it’s pretty hard to bike with them running. At least on a narrow sidewalk next to a busy road. Look at E off in the distance. She was done with us!

But, those runs paid off! E had a HUGE 1600m PR this weekend! And a PR for her 800m run!

N also had a PR in her 800m and got a medal in the 4x800m and her first 4x400m races.

post race with runners mommy and me monday
post race with medals mommy and me monday

It was a very exciting race day for them and their entire team! Definitely a proud mom and proud coach moment.

B came for the entire race, too and got to hang out with the other in-training kiddos and one parent even took her on her and her daughter’s run. So happy to have other families willing to help out.

e after race mommy and me monday

Why did B come to the race? Because the oldest was getting ready for prom and Mr. Serious was driving. We figured the teens didn’t want a 9 year old along for the ride.

Since I wasn’t there, we had a little Facetime to see her all ready and a little reminder of all the things a mom will remind their kiddo!

prom ready mommy and me monday

Another thankful for parents…the oldest kiddos boyfriend’s mom is a photographer so she got so many amazing shots.

I swear she was just a baby yesterday!

oldest at prom

Had to get one in with Mr. Serious, too!

daddy and me monday at prom

It was definitely another eventful weekend. With the end of school coming so soon, this week and weekend will likely be another full and fast one!

What did you do this week?

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