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I don’t know how it’s possible, but it feels like the weeks are getting shorter and we are still cramming in even more life thing. Like all the life things.

The oldest had her first AP test of the year and was allowed to leave school after it. I needed lunch. She needed lunch, so I offered to treat her.

And this, this is how she does me dirty when I treat her to lunch. Cool, cool, kiddo.

mommy and me monday stealing phone and grabbing lunch

Thankfully, she let me grab a little nicer picture, too. And yes, more of me shrinking. I’m hoping she’s topped out her height! I can’t be getting any shorter.

usie at lunch mommy and me monday

E took a special field trip this week to Washington DC. I’ve only ever driven through, so it’s pretty cool she got to go.

It was jam-packed full of activities! They went to so many museums, memorials and even got to go to the White House!

She doesn’t have a phone, but her friend let her use it to facetime throughout the trip. She called us every morning at breakfast and some afternoons and every evening. It was nice to get a recap of her day and see what was ahead.

Oh, and she bought herself a bucket hat. Apparently, everybody else bought a pink one, but she wasn’t interested in being just like them, so she went with aqua.

A little morning E at breakfast to start the day.

e in dc mommy and me monday

My to do lists keep growing daily and I’m literally out of lines on my digital paper. But, I refuse to use a second sheet of paper for one day. Refuse.

We’ve got concerts, another field trip, awards, and a state track meet this week and who knows what else will pop up!

What did you do this week?

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