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We’ve officially wrapped up track season this week. The oldest ran at the Georgia state race. To say that she was able to compete is amazing all by itself!

Then, we wrapped the season with the middle school track team with a 5K to round out the season and start thinking about cross country.

This is the first time all 6 of us have run a 5K. Only B and I ran together. Everybody else was racing themself and their teammates.

A little pre-race family selfie was in order.

pre 5k mommy and me monday
with n pre 5k mommy and me monday

N, Mr. Serious and I took this same picture last year, so we made sure to do it again this year. Her last race as a middle schooler!

Thankfully, some parents from the team grabbed pictures. They told us 5 minutes to start and then like 2 minutes later, they started it. We weren’t prepared, but we took off.

running with b mommy and me monday
post 5k with b mommy and me monday

We stayed steady and ran the entire time. One of us looks way sweatier than the other. (That shirt thankfully met it’s fate as the bib pins destroyed it!). But, we finished!

N was off cheering, so she missed the group shot after the race. I thought about trying to add her in, but my skills aren’t that amazing. So, just us 5!

post 5k mommy and me monday with the fam

Mother’s Day, N made me breakfast, Mr. Serious and the oldest detailed the car and got roadside BBQ (which was amazing), and then we had steaks for dinner.

I requested a shot with my girls after dinner.

We’ve discovered, my lap can’t be used anymore…because, where even am I? Hello arms and legs!

shrinking mom mommy and me monday

Whew! Rearranged and success! Mother’s Day 2023!

mother's day mommy and me monday

What did you do this week?

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